Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Levin discusses the absolute corruption of the GOP leadership

On Monday’s Mark Levin Show: Mark discusses the recently passed $585 billion defense bill filled with pork which has nothing to do with defense. Finally, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell lied to Republicans about what they were really voting for by re-wording the bill just before voting on it. So much for Boehner’s pledge to not vote on a bill for 72 hours after its introduced.
Didn't take long, did it? It was only a month ago that they were ushered back into power, and even before they're sworn in come January, Republican leaders are showing us how their campaign promises turn out to be more dirty lies.

Let's follow Levin through this sordid tale of corruption, starting @ 60:15 into last night's Audio Rewind...

Levin explains this Breitbart headline: 'House GOP Leaders Trick 216 House Republicans Into Accidentally Supporting Obama's Executive Amnesty':
"You know what they did? You know what Boehner did with the help of his lap dancing friend there, Pete Sessions, not the good Sessions, Jeff, [but] Pete Sessions from Texas? At the last second, they changed the wording in the bill. They did not inform the other members of the House, including the Republicans. They thought they were voting on one bill, when these changes were made to the bill. Ladies and gentlemen, this is criminal what the Republican leadership is up to. Absolutely criminal."
A note to Texas Congressional District 32 voters: You had an opportunity to eject the feckless wonder, Pete Sessions, and install a rock-ribbed conservative, Katrina Pierson, but you FAILED. Think carefully in 2016, because he should be the first RINO to be primaried!
"I can sit here and say, 'Hey, Cassidy won in Louisiana, everybody!' Sorry, I'm not a Pollyanna."
Next, Levin takes a look at this RollCall piece: 'McConnell Plots a Functional, Bipartisan Senate':
"It's funny: Functional, Bipartisan Senate. Those words were never played in a single political ad that he ran in the great state of Kentucky, Commonwealth of Kentucky. So now Mitch McConnell is a bureaucrat. How 'bout saving the Republic?! How 'bout saving the Constitution?! How 'bout saving the nation from an ultimate financial default?! How 'bout securing the border?! How 'bout giving us our health care back?! No, no, no. He wants a functional, bipartisan Senate, and that means he's gotta work with Harry Reid and Schumer and all the losers and creeps who brought us to this point! But it sounds good, so the media loves it. So the Democrats, when they get in, they want victory, they want to roll us. When the Republicans get in, they want to show that 'we can govern.' Aaa, SCREW THEM!
Then Levin ventures into the NewYorkSlimes: 'G.O.P. Donors Seek to Narrow Field of Presidential Candidates to One':
"Because you do not support the three that these millionaire, billionaire corporatists support! Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney. They want one of those three, or a couple others potentially, and they want to get him in there and get him in there fast, so they're gonna use these SuperPACs to do what they did in the primaries before. Relentlessly brutalize any conservative that dares to challenge one of these fools in the Republican presidential primary system. The Republican Party has been BOUGHT, the Republican Party has been PAID FOR, by these corporatists.

I like corporations, I said 'corporatists'. And since I've introduced this phrase into the public square, I will explain it for the hundredth time. These are men and women, extremely wealthy, who are extremely wealthy not simply because they may have invented something or improved on a service or a product, but because they need subsidies by government, directly or indirectly. They need welfare from you the taxpayer. They need TARP; they need bailouts. They want to defeat the competition through statute or regulation. That's who they are. They're not free market capitalists, THEY ARE CORPORATISTS, who use government, who use your tax dollars, to advance their own personal cause. That's who's behind Christie. That's who behind Romney. That's who's behind Jeb Bush. This is why they can never be constitutional conservatives. This is why they never supported a Ronald Reagan, and can never support a conservative in any presidential Republican primary. They don't want limited smaller government; they want access to government. They want power through government. There's a big difference between being a Republican and a conservative, [or] a Republican and a conservative Republican. But you need to know these things."
And yet another article, this one from CNSNews: 'Boehner Broke Pledge to Give Americans ‘At Least 72 Hours’ to Read Every Bill':
"...conservatives are griping that the current Republican leadership is using the Democrat Senate to quickly push through a massive federal budget. ... Do you remember, four or five years ago, when John Boehner gave speech after speech after speech before he became Speaker, denouncing Nancy 'Stretch' Pelosi, saying that she brings these spending bills to the floor and other bills to the floor without going through regular order? And that if he's the Speaker of the House, no bill will be spent, no bill will be passed, no bill will be voted on, unless there's 72 hours, a full three days, where the bill is on the table, where the bill is made public, so those who vote on it, and those who are affected by it, We The People, will know what's in it. He's not doing that anymore, because Boehner has lost his way.

You know that phrase, 'Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely'? Corrupt he's become. And as the Republican caucus goes along with him and goes along with all of this, it's one ugly spectacle."
Mark wrapped the discussion up into one summary on the absolute corruption of the Republican Party leadership...
"And so we keep electing Republicans.

This guy Cassidy who just won in Louisiana, I saw all kinds of conservatives campaigning for him. I didn't say a word in support of this guy. He's John Boehner's guy when he was in the House, and he'll be Mitch McConnell's guy in the Senate. What is the point of this?

What is the point of deluding ourselves when the country is on the precipice?! What is the point of deluding ourselves when the Republicans have joined in with the pro-amnesty crowd, with the Big Government crowd?! Well, let's spend, uh, you know, endlessly, crowd?!

'Well we can't do anything.' They run for office and tell us send them there and they'll stop it. We elect them and they say they can't do anything. Aren't you sick and tired of this follow-the-bouncing-ball crap?

The Republicans are now treating We The People as the Democrats treat We The People. The Democrats believe in Washington, in state capitols, the elected political Democrats and operatives believe that their constituencies are STUPID, and so they treat'em as stupid. Now the Republican Party thinks we're the same and treats us the same way.

And those of us who are independent, those of us who are rational when we look at this, we have the be CRUSHED, particularly if we join together in these little groups that we call [gasp] Tea Party groups, conservative groups, constitutional groups. We have to be crushed. Our voices cannot be heard.

They believe in a big tent, these Republicans. But not for us. Millionaires, Billionaires, liberals, rioters, media, whatever. You know, if you're just a hard working American, and you don't want to burn anything, and you don't want to protest against anything, you just want to be left alone and raise your family, YOU'RE NOT WELCOME!"
I've said this numerous times before, but I'll rephrase it: Waiting until the general election to participate in the process is too late! If we cannot win the PRIMARIES with genuine CONSERVATIVES, then we don't truly win anything, no matter the purported Republican landslide.

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