Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cruz (again) attempts to steer a feckless GOP towards responsibility, principle and leadership

Shutdown schmutdown be damned (and only a fraction of government, mind you). I could say the same of Boehner's useless show vote in the House. There is absolutely no reason why every single Republican on Capitol Hill shouldn't fearlessly articulate Cruz's sentiment...

(8 minute clip here)

...instead of going along with Boehner's scheming among Democrats to once again undermine not just conservatives on Capitol Hill, but the vast conservative constituency who dragged so many Republican carcasses across the finish line last month. YOU OWE US!  But now it's too much to ask to fight for us, to save the nation, to save our society, to enforce the law? Just because a leftist media might not say nice things about you? Or ignorance beyond can't control insatiable appetites for more and more government?


This lawlessness must end.

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ADDENDUM: And for those who still don't get what's at stake here...
TRS: Obama lied 22 different times about how he wouldn’t bypass Congress, suggesting he was for the founder’s vision of American government. 22 times he made the case that he didn’t have the power to ignore laws and that he didn’t believe in the presidency having too much power.

But Boehner, McConnell and all the other RINOs don't think impeachment or exercising the power of the purse that might result in a shutdown are viable options in restraining an out-of-control imperial president? Why the hell does what the media think matter more than national sovereignty and the rule of law?

Articulating principles and standing up for values will defeat them every time, Republicans. I know it's been a long time since you've seen it, but it exists...and there's a Senator from Texas who's doing it!

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