Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This problem is WAY BIGGER than the 9th...

Another agenda item thwarted by another Obama appointee, but as most of us have come to realize, this problem is way bigger than a mere liberal hack in a black robe. It's time for Congress to get off its duff and do something about it, specifically in the form of its rightful, constitutional job!
CR: With the clock ticking ever closer to the 100-day benchmark, a federal judge thwarted yet another of President Trump’s key agenda items on specious 10th Amendment grounds Tuesday night. Judge William Orrick, of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, blocked an executive order meant to strip federal grants from sanctuary cities.

True to form, POTUS responded to the judicial rebuke with a series of early-morning tweets calling out the widely criticized Ninth Federal Circuit and alluding back to the even more dubious rulings against his two travel moratoria earlier this year. (The Ninth Circuit is the federal appeals court to which any appeal of this ruling will go.)
Once again, Trump’s agenda has found itself hamstrung by the machinations of a judge in the circuit whose rulings have been overturned more than any of its counterparts.

While the president claims that his administration will appeal the case and take it to the Supreme Court, his chances of success are questionable, even with the addition of Justice Gorsuch to the bench.

Yes, the kind of judge-shopping used to undermine his executive authority is “messy business,” but simple appeal alone will simply play into the system of judicial tyranny while alleviating none of it. These kinds of “ridiculous rulings” will continue, and the future of the republic – and the very nature of a government by consent of the people – will remain in the hands of black-robed overseers, the majority of which have long left the business of mere application and interpretation of the law for the allure of legislature by fiat.

The real remedy here is to invoke the power of the legislative branch to curb the power that lower judges...

As outlined by Article III of the United States Constitution, every federal district and circuit court is a creation of the legislative branch, which decides their number and jurisdiction. In fact, one of the reasons that the so-called “Ninth Circus” is such a clown show is this very congressional action.

And what Congress giveth...Congress can take away, or at least restrict and limit. ...

As long as both the Left and the American Right perpetuate the idea that the courts are, as Horowitz puts it, “the sole and final arbiter of every public policy issue, no matter how divorced from the Constitution and inimical to national interests those decisions may be,” as long as the myths persist that the problems can be fixed with the right judge appointments alone, be prepared for judicial tyranny to continue and for the sovereignty of the American people to remain at the capricious whims of progressives wielding wooden gavels.
Reacting to a federal judge blocking President Trump’s recent sanctuary city executive order, Levin commented on “the extent to which the Left will bastardize” the rule of law to impose “the all-powerful administrative state. The fourth branch of the federal government.”:

We gonna miss this opportunity too?

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ADDENDUM: Do it...DO IT NOW!! (although, constitutionally, that should be directed toward Congress, not the President)

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