Sunday, April 30, 2017

Progress Report: 100 days later...

Over the weekend, we hit President Trump's first 100 days in office. One might recall Donald Trump's Contract with the American Voter, of which I posted on this blog back in November just a few short days after the election. At the time, I also stressed the necessity for as much of this action plan to be put into place within the allotted first 100 days, else the new president's agenda finds itself at risk.

So how are things progressing? See for yourself! A checkmark or an X is obvious (done or not done); while a diamond means incomplete or in progress.

Page 1 was primarily a list of personal items to be implemented upon taking office...

Most of the dones were a result of executive orders, as were some of the incompletes. Others of the latter were a result of either negotiations or compromise with lawmakers and executive interests, and then much of the immigration-related items are being blocked by federal judicial fiat. Finally, the not dones are from either inaction as of yet, kicking the can down the road, or the unfortunate change of mind after taking the presidency. That's Page 1.

Page 2 was entirely dependent on working with a Republican-controlled Congress, and that same Congress working with the new Republican hasn't gone so well either way... 

I don't think I have to do the math for a current score. You get the picture. This progress, or lack thereof in many areas, should serve as a serious warning. 

Certainly, there's some time for refocus and correction...but realistically, it's limited. The current majority is only guaranteed through the end of 2018. Now, the party may go on to experience further majorities beyond that, but there's no guarantee. Regardless of any future outcome, shouldn't there be a greater sense of urgency to push this action plan through NOW from both a Republican President and a Republican-controlled Congress?!

But for the CRAP experienced throughout the primary season, it would be incomprehensible that such a majority would continue these levels of disunity, disorganization and disingenuousness. Likewise, as easy as it is to blame the majority Congress, their President should be the driving force behind a shared agenda. When it comes to Democrats, no matter how wrongheaded, subversive and socialistic the policies, they move in lockstep. Hence, Obama never faced near the dissidents within Democratic ranks. Of course, Principle demands more, and it's likely the variety and plain lacking throughout an opposition party speaks toward the abandonment of essentials in liberty, republicanism (little 'r') and promises made within a party that prescribes to be Republican!

Under the current leadership of Speaker Ryan, Majority Leader McConnell, all their lieutenants, and yes, even President Trump, there's much work to accomplish...and 100 less days to accomplish it.

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