Thursday, April 27, 2017

Texas House PASSES Senate bill prohibiting 'sanctuary city' policies, demanding accountability in law enforcement

On the heels of a federal judge's rule by fiat to block President Trump's executive order aimed at withholding federal funds from sanctuary cities and counties, the Texas legislature has nonetheless demanded the Rule of Law in the Lone Star state...God Bless Texas!
TheDC: The Texas House after an emotional day of testimony passed a sanctuary city bill early Thursday morning that would make it a crime for local law enforcement officials to not cooperate with federal authorities on immigration.

The bill would allow local peace officers to question the immigration status of those they legally detain and not arrest. It would also allow for the removal from office any law enforcement official who does not cooperate with federal immigration officials. Those who do not comply also could be charged with a Class A misdemeanor and could face jailtime.
House passage of the bill came after Gov. Abbott addressed the illegality of sanctuary policies as an emergency item in January's State of the State, with legislation then being approved in February by the Texas Senate. At this point, the bill goes back to the Senate to approve an amendment, then on to the governor's desk, who will indeed sign it.

Don't be at all surprised if/when before the ink is dry on this lawful legislation that a federal Obama-appointed judge attempts to block this too. 'Tis the lib's unethical way.

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