Friday, April 7, 2017

Behind the 'RussiaGate' subterfuge

Skip all the BS reporting out there. Here's an exceptional summary of what we actually know to date on the so-called 'RussiaGate' via caller Rob to Thursday's Chris Salcedo Show on WBAP (4/6/17 podcast @10am segment):
"We know that Susan Rice cannot be trusted. We know that John Podesta was not hacked, he was fished. We know that our intelligence agencies did not look at the DNC server or Podesta's server. We know that Hillary Clinton trafficked in classified information. We know that Trump reset relations and sold them 20% of our uranium, oh no, I'm sorry, that was Obama and Hillary! We know that President Trump has been surveilled whether indirectly, incidentally or directly for eight months. We know that Americans were unmasked. We know that through Vault 7 and WikiLeaks, our spies are capable of attacks leaving breadcrumbs of other foreign states. We know that Obama's homeland security made a play for our voting apparatus as critical infrastructure. These people did not believe for one moment that they were gonna lose this election. They thought they had it in the bag. And with all that said, what if RussiaGate is the subterfuge for the ObamaGate espionage?"
For thinking folks, there's little doubt as to what this is all about and how the Obama regime throughout its eight years bent our country over to placate and appease Russia. Democrats know it. And if that message could break through a Democratic-controlled media propaganda machine, it'd be extremely damaging to the Democratic Party, but that's a huge IF. Salsedo went on to describe the Democrats history of colluding with the Soviet Union and the Russians, pointing out Ted Kennedy's collusion with the Soviet Union to oust Ronald Reagan! So this is nothing new with the Democrats.

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