Monday, July 11, 2016

Texas police chiefs educate media with a dose of reality...

Texans aren't known for mincing words, and two of the state's police chiefs certainly aren't shying from educating the media on reality and reason...and we THANK them for it!

Whether it's candid HONESTY from Dallas Police Chief David Brown...
ZeroHedge: In an extremely frank and honest press conference Dallas Police Chief David Brown has unleashed an avalanche of uncomfortable truths and mainstream narrative-breakers. When asked what advice he would have for young black men protesting, he recollected his own experience: "I wouldn't protest, I'd get involved and do something about it... become part of the solution, serve your communities... we're hiring."
CR: Chief Brown greatly emphasized community policing during the press conference Monday morning, arguing it is the best way to better our communities and conduct policing in modern America.

Strong voices such as this one pierce through the fear and division, and offer real solutions for a safer America. Chief Brown has shown himself an incredible leader and an honorable man.
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...or bold TRUTH from El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen...
“Black Lives Matter, as far as I’m concerned, is a radical hate group; and for that purpose alone, I think the leadership of this country needs to look a little bit harder at that particular group. The consequences of what we saw in Dallas is due to their efforts.”

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What a breath of fresh air from the divisive voices and flat-out street thuggery the media tends to stick in front of the cameras.

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