Monday, July 11, 2016

Levin EXPOSES Obama’s support for #BLM

"What do we want? DEAD COPS! When do we want it? NOW!" ~ Black Lives Matter, New York City, December 2014
Incredible analysis from the Great One tonight exposing Obama and the BLM movement...
TRS: Mark Levin exposed tonight on his radio show how Obama is supporting the Black Lives Matter group despite their overt anti-cop extremism. Levin takes apart a Q&A from yesterday where Obama actually defended the Black Lives Matter group.

Levin explains how Obama believes that BLM is just part of the natural progression of society, just like the abolitionists and the movement to give women the right to vote.

He’s willing to dismiss the angry rhetoric and violence of some in order to defend the group. But when it comes to Republicans or conservatives, it’s always attack attack attack with Obama.

CR: On his radio program Monday night, Mark Levin took an honest look at Black Lives Matter and exposed the group for what it truly is -- a violent Saul Alinsky-inspired movement.

While many of the individuals associated with BLM may genuinely be just angered and frustrated people, the ideological foundation of the movement is about class warfare, not race. "For the Left -- it's not even about race, it's about destroying this society and replacing it," says Levin.

What's at the end of the socialist Left's course asks Levin? The endless fighting against a free society only produces more statism and more government control. Levin spent the first hour of his show detailing how BLM and related movements seem to be by-products of a modern leftist progressivism that is akin to the class warfare struggle that Karl Marx, and later Saul Alinsky, espoused.

To Levin's delight, however, there have been some who have stood up against the movement and endorsed real solutions. One being Dallas Police Chief David Brown. In a press conference on Monday, he advised young black men to "serve their communities" to bring about change. "We're hiring," Brown said. "Get off the protest line and put in an application."
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