Tuesday, July 26, 2016

#DNCinPHL in disarray, until...

Even more feverish than Day 1 of the RNC, the #DNCinPHL was in disarray for most of the day...

After being discovered to have rigged the Democratic presidential candidate race against Bernie, and in favor of Hillary Clinton through over 19,000 leaked emails, Schutlz stepped down as the DNC chair. But while the DNC said "leave it," Clinton pulled up quick to retrieve it. Now Schultz is one of Clinton's chief campaign staffers, and Democrats are none too happy about it.
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It's been a rough night for people who socialist voters believe have sold out to Hillary Clinton. One such victim was Elizabeth Warren, who spoke at length on why Donald Trump is bad and why Democrats are good (so vote Hillary Clinton because she is one of us). During the speech, hecklers cried out "We trusted you!" to Warren...
It is amazing that in the twenty-first century the Democrats would resurrect the failed ideas of the twentieth century and try to run on them again. Bernie Sanders really wants free everything, but has no explanation for how he will get the money. More troubling, his crying supporters seem to have no idea that free stuff is really just stuff paid for by someone else. Who exactly will do that? Mexico?

The Bernie Sanders phenomenon is the Donald Trump cult of the Democrats. The Democratic Party at least had the presence of mind to snuff it out, unlike the Republicans and their cult of Trump. It is ridiculous to see people crying over a communist who celebrated the Soviet Union as it was exterminating its citizens wholesale.
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...and a valid point that Leon Wolf raises...

The problem, for Clinton, is that at first blush, Sanders's supporters were not ready to hear this message and seem to have largely rejected it. Of course, the wounds right now are especially fresh after the Russians (probably) gave Trump a huge assist by dumping the #DNCleaks material on the weekend before their convention. There are probably some number of Sanders supporters who are more tempted to vote for Trump out of spite for Clinton than they are to listen to Sanders and vote Clinton to stop Trump.

But will that dynamic hold all the way until November? It's a question that's likely to decide the 2016 election, either way.
BUT there were a couple of things that happened (and that will continue to permeate) that has united the former Democratic Party now merrily packaged with Marxist...

The crowd came and booed. They jeered and chanted. They tried to disrupt. The Bernie supporters could not be placated. They disrupted every speech, even the speech of their goddess, Pocahontas on the Charles. But when Michelle Obama took the stage, the Democrats had unity.

...Michelle Obama made a positive case for Hillary Clinton, even though she is purportedly not a Hillary Clinton fan. She passively made swipes at Donald Trump. She praised her husband. She made a case for America that was not bleak or dour. ...

Had Michelle Obama put her name into the hat in Philly tonight, she’d leave on Thursday as the party’s nominee for President. Instead, she’s with Hillary Clinton and because of her speech a whole heck of a lot of people not with Hillary going into Philly will be with Hillary going out.
It was humorous to listen to Democrat after Democrat lament the state of the Obama economy where the poor are getting poorer and only the rich can get anything passed in Washington.

...Throughout the night, effeminate Bernie Bros cried and jeered and chanted for Bernie. They lashed out at Senator Pocahontas for betraying them by standing with Hillary. Actually, Warren never said, “I’m with her,” just “We’re with her.”

But most striking of all was what was not there. The Democrats celebrated illegal aliens, some tried to justify and rationalize murdering police officers, they all attacked Trump, but not a damn soul in prime time bothered to mention the war against Islamic radicalism or ISIS.

Continuing in Barack Obama’s footsteps, the Democrats has far nastier things to say about the GOP and Donald Trump than about ISIS and Islamic radicals. That is rather telling and rather shameful.

The Democrats view the GOP as the bad guy, while thinking ISIS is misunderstood. ...they will only fight Republicans and Christians, not Islamic Radicals.
With everyone talking about Debbie's downfall, it may be hard to find much hand-wringing over it. But, barring some last-minute changes, here’s what the Democratic Platform looks likely to include, via the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel:
This stuff isn’t as sexy to most reporters... but it’s arguably more important to pay attention to, especially since the people pushing some of the really right-leaning stuff in the Republican Platform have basically no influence in the GOP, other than where platform fights are concerned, and the people pushing the leftward lurch in the Democratic Platform have enough power to, well, oust the Democratic National Committee Chair.
This isn't your grandfather's, or even your father's, Democratic Party anymore (and neither is its media arm). Regardless of the perceived tension, they always come together for the agenda. Party first, second, third, always.
"The Democratic Party of today has reverted to the Democrats of the late sixties and it is a damning indictment of our present culture that they’re more successful now than then." ~ Erick Erickson
This is something Republicans could stand to learn if they could find common cause to fight for Principle!

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