Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Levin EVISCERATES Obama's crackpot racialized speech at Dallas memorial, then gives his own pro-police speech!

Thank you, Mark! Line by damnable line, Levin pulled apart Barack Obama's despicable speech at what was supposed to be a service commemorating the lives of our five murdered Dallas police officers, but what Barack Obama mockingly used as just another platform for his divisive, highly racialized banter...
CR: Barack Obama delivered a politically charged speech at the Dallas memorial Tuesday, which was intended to honor the lives of five fallen policemen. Obama began the speech with words of encouragement for the families of the deceased, but before long he pivoted hard to his agenda.

Mark Levin aptly reminded Obama on his radio program tonight that the Dallas memorial "had nothing to do with your crackpot leftist agenda!"
"...like everything else, he just figured that memorial was about him and his agenda. He's one dimensional. He's a nihilist, a narcissist and an extremist."

"Hey, hey, hey...a radical, black-power nut job murdered five police officers. He targeted whites; he targeted white police officers, one of whom turned out to be latino. He shot them dead in cold blood. This has nothing to do with underinvesting in schools. This has nothing to do with the festering poverty. This has nothing to do with refusing to fund drug treatment. This isn't about your crackpot, left-wing agenda. And suddenly, ladies and gentlemen, if we go deeper into debt, if we redistribute more wealth, if we raise more taxes, suddenly you see, nut jobs like this won't slaughter police officers. They always have an answer: attack the Bill of Rights, attack capitalism, attack hard-working American citizens who have absolutely nothing to do with crime, nothing. So he turns this into another rally of kooks. He's shameless, and he's shameful. ... This goes to the heart and soul and conscience of people. There've been poor people before, and there will always be poor people. And they're not all racist, and they don't start shooting up the place and targeting cops and murdering police officers. This man is utterly and completely without shame."
"What the hell is this man talking about? Five dead police officers. Because he didn't start out his speech this way. He started it out and a lot of people thought, 'you know what, maybe he won't do his usual left turn.' But of course, you're expecting way too much from Obama to have some self-control."
In the speech, the president grieved how "we flood communities with so many guns that it is easier for a teenager to get a clock than a computer, or even a book."

Levin asks, "we flood communities with glocks?" Then Obama charges the American people with putting the burden of securing that entire society on the police. What? "No!" Levin said. "You and your left-wing ilk do that!"
"Isn't that clever? Now he comes to the defense of the police. Isn't that clever. Tears down America, then, 'We tell the police, you know, you're a social worker, you're a teacher, you're a...' Actually, WE don't tell them that. YOU, and your left wing ilk, you tell them that."

"What is this psycho-babble? What is this psycho-babble from this man who became a leading community disorganizer before getting elected to office? And that's it! That's his resume."
Levin finally had enough, and in lieu of a real president, gave his own pro-police speech that Obama SHOULD have given today at the Dallas police funeral...
"Alright, I'm gonna give a speech; the kind of things that should have been said by a real president who has a heart and a conscience, who believes in this country.
I want the police department, the police officers in Dallas, Texas to know that we stand with them. I want them to know, every single police officer, regardless of your age or your sex or your party affiliation, we appreciate what you do each and every day. You could do something else, but you do this.

We know why you signed up to be a cop. Because you care about your community. You care about their neighborhoods. You care about the citizens of Dallas, Texas, being safe in their homes and their businesses and on the streets. And we know when you walk up to a car at 2 in the morning, or when you're driving through a dangerous neighborhood, that you're putting your lives on the line. We know this! And it takes very courageous people to volunteer to do this work."
Oh, he wasn't done there, but just getting warmed up. It’s AWESOME. Keep listening:

I want the people of Dallas and the police force in Dallas, I want the people of this country and every police officer in this country to know, that old civil rights slogan, "We Shall Overcome." Well let me suggest, this president, his party, his ideology, WE SHALL OVERCOME, in spite of them and despite them."
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