Friday, June 10, 2016

The unshocking Obama/Sanders/Clinton choreography

See how that worked? Lawless Democrats beget lawlessness, and they always coalesce, but not without the fan dance!

First, Bernie meets with Obama and pledges to work with Hillary to defeat Trump...
NYT: Senator Bernie Sanders met with President Obama on Thursday and said afterward that he would do everything within his power to stop Donald J. Trump from becoming president — and would work closely with Hillary Clinton to make that happen.

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Next, Barack Obama endorses Hillary Clinton hours after meeting with Bernie Sanders...
Telegraph: President Barack Obama formally endorsed Hillary Clinton to succeed him as president of the United States, calling her the most qualified person ever for the job.

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Nevermind he actually cut the video on TUESDAY. Remember, it's all about choreography...which also follows the logic of this next maneuver.

After trotting Josh NOT-Earnest out to talk up Obama's endorsement of Hillary, the spokes-idiot bumbled with a Freudian slip that admitted Hillary's email investigation is criminal! (h/t: RedState)...

"And that's why the President when discussing this issue in each stage has reiterated his commitment to this principle that any criminal investigation should be conducted independent of any sort of political interference and that people should be treated the same way before the law regardless of their political influence, regardless of their political party, regardless of their political stature and regardless of what political figure has endorsed them."
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The remedy: After endorsing Hillary (and after this press snafu), Obama immediately meets with AG Loretta Lynch. Huh...wonder why? </sarcasm>
Townhall: Earlier today President Obama officially endorsed Democrat presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton for President. In an endorsement video released by the Clinton campaign, Obama made it clear he wants Clinton to win the White House in order to preserve his legacy. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest also made this point clear during the daily briefing.

Shortly after the endorsement was made, President Obama met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch this afternoon in the Oval Office. The meeting was closed to the press.

Lynch, of course, will ultimately make the decision as to whether Clinton will be prosecuted should the FBI issue an indictment surrounding her use of a private email server to store and transfer top secret, classified information.

In order for Clinton to carry Obama's torch, she has to stay out of prison. In order to do that, she has to avoid prosecution. I'm sure Obama made that very clear to his somewhat new Attorney General.
I'd say that's crystal clear. She's walking to keep Obama's legacy intact. This is what happens when the Executive branch flies supreme and constitutionality is not practiced, demanded nor upheld by the other branches or our government in total. This is not reflective of a constitutional republic nor a democracy, but the empty shell of one. And Trump couldn't be more inept to turn such a conundrum around. On the contrary, he'd seem to further this deficiency, albeit with different dance moves.

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