Thursday, June 23, 2016

Concession: While Dems politicize terrorism with 'gun control'

Why is it that politicians, particularly of the Democratic persuasion, desire the politicization of, well, everything?! The latest is not new. Murder, terrorism, no matter...they politicize tragedy for one goal: to achieve an agenda. What's the agenda? It's about more than mere 'gun control' I can assure you. It's about our subservience. At what cost? Surrender, both personally and nationally. Just as long as the Ruling Class exists to maintain power. After all, they matter more than a free people. And they'll keep us safe somehow, right? This is the tyranny from within that's defeating us...
TheResurgent: Barack Obama has failed as President and last night the Democrats admitted it. The terrorists have beaten us. Staging a sit in on the floor of the House of Representatives and shouting down Speaker Paul Ryan, Democrats demanded that our constitutional rights be curtailed in the name of keeping us safe from terrorists. During the Bush Administration, the Democrats claimed any curtailing of our rights meant the terrorists won. Now, after Orlando, the Democrats are willing to shut down the House of Representatives in order to ensure our constitutional rights get revoked.

Even the far left ACLU opposes the Democrats’ plan as an encroachment on liberty. The leading Congressman supporting taking away our constitutional rights was himself improperly put on a no-fly list. But it does not matter. Congressman John Lewis of Georgia, who marched in the streets for civil rights, is now comfortably in power and wants to take away our constitutional rights without due process. ...

The Democrats are conceding that Barack Obama’s policies have failed and the terrorists have won. By their own standard from the Bush era, they now want to curtail our constitutional rights because they are scared and admit neither their President nor their god Uncle Sam can keep them safe. But they’ll be damned if you are allowed to keep yourself safe.
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Why so many politicians are in favor of disarming the American public over ensuring our inalienable rights, particularly in regards to saving innocent people's lives, is a conversation the Ruling Class doesn't want to discuss. It's as if Democrats would rather defend the Constitution for terrorists over the citizenry while simultaneously trashing it for American gun owners...
TheResurgent: Back in January, when Sen. Ted Cruz was a presidential candidate, he introduced S.247, the Expatriate Terrorist Act, which has all but died in committee. The ACLU and other liberal organizations decried this as trampling the 14th Amendment and “due process.” Yet despite the ACLU opposing using terror “watchlists” to deny gun purchases, Democrats want to press forward with squashing that particular Constitutional right.

Cruz’s bill would amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to clarify what expresses an American citizen’s “intent” to relinquish American citizenship. For example, pledging allegiance to ISIS, or going overseas and meeting with terrorists, or supporting them financially. ...

Back in January, liberals trashed Cruz and S.247, saying it “would allow bureaucrats to strip citizenship from U.S. citizens on the dangerously vague grounds of ‘assistance’ to a terrorist group.” But they are A-okay with the same bureaucrats stripping Second Amendment and Sixth Amendment rights from law-abiding citizens so those who assist terrorists can be protected.

Those lawmakers who are camped out on the floor of the House of Representatives, singing Kumbayah and eating smores (or checking Twitter) are hypocrites to the core. They don’t care about American citizens’ rights. They care about politics and looking like they’re some kind of revolutionaries. They are fools.
This same patriot that should be our presidential nominee is holding a hearing next week on the Obama administration's cover-up or 'willful blindness' of radical Islamic terrorism. Knowing the way the political winds blow, I wouldn't be at all surprised if McConnell adjourned the Senate until after the holiday, thus postponing this much more important inquiry than a Dem sit-in.

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ADDENDUM: In the end, it's all politics (h/t: WZ)...

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