Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rebuked! Obama’s illegal executive amnesty hits wall in SCOTUS

“Today’s Supreme Court decision is a victory for the rule of law. As the Washington Post rightly noted, ‘the action deals Obama perhaps the biggest legal loss of his presidency.’ By trying to unilaterally grant amnesty to nearly five million people, President Obama invited even more illegal immigration, which in turn undermines our security and drives down the wages of Americans across our nation. No President has the authority to rewrite the law or ignore our immigration laws, and the Court’s rejection of Obama’s executive amnesty is a powerful rebuke of this administration’s lawlessness. I salute Texas for leading 26 states in securing this important victory for our Constitution and for our sovereignty.” ~ Ted Cruz
This could have gone terribly wrong, particularly with the untimely demise of Scalia. However, this was the outcome we'd at the very least hoped for...for the Rule of Law's sake!
TheResurgent: The Supreme Court deadlocked today in a 4-4 decision over the DAPA program. That’s President Obama’s illegal overreach of executive authority to grant amnesty.

A federal district court in Texas had enjoined the President from enforcing his order. An appellate court affirmed that decision. And now a 4-4 decision by the Supreme Court means the district court ruling is upheld.

Executive amnesty dies. The only thing really unbelievable here is that the Supreme Court was not 8-0 in favor of the lower court. It should have been.
From a clown-frown to a cheerful laugh on high, it's not off-base to believe Providence shined through on this one...

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