Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cruz GRILLS Homeland Security Secretary over purge of radical Islamic references

"Johnson knows exactly what they have been doing at the DHS; he’s the one giving the orders to scrub all references from manuals and documents." ~ Mark Levin
Thursday morning, Ted Cruz grilled DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson on the purge of any radical Islamic references from Homeland Security records, as well as how they continue missing red flags in identifying Muslim jihadists (try not to jump through your monitor listening to the BS pouring out of another pathetic Obama puke!)...

TRS: Pathetic. If they were really doing a better job, then how is it they missed the Muslim Orlando shooter who massacred 50 people, whose own father is a Taliban sympathizer?

Just as Cruz pointed out, they keep missing these guys and chalk it up to lessons learned, when the reason they are missing them is because of the top-down political correctness imposed by the president in order to protect Islam.
Without doubt, this guy is just as treasonous as his boss and all the rest of the cronies. 'How' and 'Why' America?
"An Orwellian double-think that seeks to excerpt any reference of radical Islamic terrorism is counterproductive to keeping this country safe."
"There was a time when we had men like General Patton who wanted to defeat the enemy. Instead, today, we get lectures from President Obama on soul searching when we are attacked. It’s liberals like Obama and AG Loretta Lynch that are holding our military back and preventing us from defeating these Islamo-Nazi throwbacks from the 7th century. We can beat them, but these pathetic politicians won’t let us beat them!" ~ ML, 6/29/16
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