Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The lawlessness of D.C. continues with both Repubs & Dems...

The lawlessness of Washington, D.C...whether from liberal Republicans assisting Obama's 'war on the suburbs'...
On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, The Republicans in the Senate under Sen Mitch McConnell have once again betrayed conservatives in their vote on Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) amendments and their war on the suburbs. Instead of voting for the Sen Mike Lee amendment, many Republicans crossed over to vote with the Democrats in favor of the phony Sen Susan Collins Amendment which enabled the Democrats. The Collins Amendment is ineffective at stopping President Obama and his agenda. Mike Lee would have stopped the AFFH from taking effect. Senator Lee was trying to stop HUD from abusing a federal statute but his colleagues voted him down. This is absolutely shocking that Republicans would join in Obama’s war on the suburbs. This shows that having a Republican Congress, full of liberals, is worse than having a smaller conference full of conservatives. We are now expected to comply with HUD’s lawlessness while our leaders don’t have to comply with anything.

...or from statist Democrats unconstitutionally deceiving the courts on immigration...

It literally reads as if this court were taking the DOJ out behind the woodshed, and for good reason. To make it even better, it opens with this scene from the movie Bridge of Spies, correctly noting that it “exemplifies what this case is, and has been, about”:

The case concerns how the Obama Administration ignored the “rulebook” – the Constitution – in making its lawless Executive action on immigration, “chang[ing] the law” to grant legal status to four million illegal aliens. (This became known as the DHS directive.) The decision in that case is currently in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court, but this order concerns the fact that the Obama Administration’s lawyers “knowingly” made “multiple misrepresentations” to the federal district court that the Administration’s scheme had not gone into effect. In fact, the Administration was “surreptitiously acting,” implementing the DHS directive in over 100,000 instances. ...

The court went far beyond cutting rhetoric and imposed six serious and concrete penalties:
  1. Banning Some DOJ attorneys from appearing in that federal district court.
  2. Ordering the Obama Administration to file a list of the 100,000 individuals granted legal status in direct violation of its order in each state.
  3. Mandating that every DOJ attorney (not just those involved in this case) that practices in any of the 26 states involved in this litigation undergo mandatory ethics training.
  4. Requiring the Attorney General to appoint someone to “ensure compliance” with the order and report yearly to the court for five years.
  5. Commanding the Attorney General to “report to this court in sixty (60) days with a comprehensive plan to prevent this unethical conduct from ever occurring again.”
  6. Directing the Attorney General to report to the court within 60 days on “what steps she is taking to ensure that the [DOJ] Office of Professional Responsibility effectively polices the conduct of the Justice Department lawyers and appropriately disciplines those whose actions fall below the standards that the American people rightfully expect from their Department of Justice.”
"Don't expect any disciplinary action from the DOJ. The lawyers will probably be promoted." ~ Rick Moran
...or as we've become all too familiar with, activist courts handing down activist decisions, circumventing the constitutional rule of law reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

Whatever the case, it all leads to a collective federal tyranny. A matter of how fast its wanted or desired by whichever side of the aisle becomes semantics on perception.

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