Friday, May 13, 2016

Senate Republicans want to draft your DAUGHTERS!

Speaking of androgyny, the coercion behind it, as well as the perverse acceptance of it, we move from schools to military. Already our most powerful military on the planet is being reduced to the leftist government's social-experiment playground with the lifting of DADT, the enlistment of illegals, the abolition of Christian-centric ministries, etc., etc. Now, there's yet another agenda item to tick off.

Remember when they said a draft would be highly unlikely in our all-volunteer armed forces? I mean, we're at peace now with our current rulers, and everyone loves us again, right? Well not only are they suddenly talking draft now, but for a literal handful of common sense Senators, they're demanding that our DAUGHTERS must be a part of it if/when they're called to go fight at the Washington Cartel's whim...
TheResurgent: It is becoming harder and harder to tell the two major political parties apart. Today in Washington, all but three Senate Republicans on the Armed Services Committee voted to require your daughters to sign up for selective service and be drafted in times of war.

Only Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Mike Rounds opposed the measure, which was offered up by the Democrats.

It is true that there are countries that require women to join the military, but the United States has never been a country to demand our daughters be drafted to war. Even in an age where the left demands complete equality, we have tended to recognize that men and women are actually different physically and we have left the wars to men.

But Senate Republicans are preparing to change that. The party that supposedly champions families and children is siding with leftists who want to eradicate the family structure and blur the lines of men and women completely. Shame on them.
And why all the draft talk now in the first place? Simply because thus far 21st century administrations won't allow our most powerful military on the planet to UNLEASH HELL on Islamo-Nazis decapitating at will? Can't win any battle, much less a war, with hands tied behind backs.

Furthermore, considering these Washington cowards latest proposal to force women to fight their wars, if you thought draft-dodging was a thing of the past, wait until Hillary or Trump (or Obama on the way out) get us into another quagmire. When it comes down to real men protecting their wives and daughters from anything these morons would get us into, we'll fight alright...but I don't think it will be the one they want. 

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