Friday, May 27, 2016

LEVIN: Trump is the nominee, so why am I not excited?

Pretty much how MANY felt about it when the news came...
ConservativeReview: Donald Trump has officially accumulated the 1,237 delegates necessary to become the Republican nominee for president.

For weeks everyone has known this would be the outcome. But with that landmark finally reached by Trump, conservatives have a time of reflection.

Mark Levin opened his show today in that reflective spirit, asking listeners this question: If Donald Trump is now the nominee, "why am I not excited?" Levin admitted he is trying to be excited — even ecstatic — about the news, but he's not there. Levin concludes it's because "there is not a conservative horse" in the race.

Now Trump has suggested that he wants to make the Republican Party the "workers' party." "What?" asks Levin, "Why not the freedom party? The Constitution party? The American party?"
Trump vs Hillary. Two Democrats with socialist, tyrannical tendencies. The media led us here & so many followed like sheep, continuing to drone on. To seal the deal, I guess the libertarians will go with Johnson again! Bleak, folks. None of these options are 'best' for the country.

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