Friday, May 13, 2016

Obama administration demands schools no longer recognize gender in their restrooms

Choice. What happens to choice when common sense doesn't accompany it? We've lived through decades worth of its detriments, so this latest will be no exception in the Left's quest to create an androgynous dystopian society. Where's the choice in top-down coercion?
TheResurgent: The Obama Administration is ordering all public schools in the United States to allow boys to go to the girls’ bathroom and girls to go to the boys’ bathroom. While the percentage of Americans suffering the mental health disease of transgenderism is less than one percent of the nation, the Obama Administration has decided we are no longer allowed to note that it is a mental health issue.

Not only that, but the administration is doing this contradictory to the language of the transgender movement. That movement believes that gender and sex are two different things. It is the only way they can justify the pseudo-science they think proves they aren’t crazy. But the Civil Rights Act the Obama Administration is using to justify its expansive new order references “sex”, not gender.

Normal people realize that sex and gender are the same thing and gender is just a synonym for sex. But the entirety of transgenderism as something real demands that sex and gender be two different things. In their language, sex is what you are born as and gender is what you decide you are.

This is a fringe movement of nutters who the Obama Administration has decided have valid legal claims to pee where they wish. There is no uniform definition for the mental illness, so if you decide tomorrow to be of the opposite sex, you’d qualify.

We know that boys will be boys and we can see this to its logical and final conclusion. It will end badly. But the left will not care.

Up is down, down is up, the sky is green, the grass is blue, right is wrong, and wrong is right. Oh, and before you demand that I vote for Donald Trump to stop this madness, he is already on record saying he’s fine with men using the women’s bathroom.
That last sentence covers my expected P.S. (Thanks, Erick!) But because this came from fiat on high, now all public schools will feel the pressures of federal funding retained or pulled or even face lawsuits, much the same as the threats hanging over North Carolina and Mississippi's heads. Yet another reason to sever the Department of Education from the federal level and send back home to the states and localities that benefit each community individually (i.e., personal liberty and sovereignty).

But in the end, what this is about is the one-man wrecking ball (as Levin nicknamed Obama long ago) seizing another opportunity to divide Americans, and so he pounces on it with the furtherance of absurdity. Anything to flush away more of the norm of our once thriving, assimilated American culture and the principles of genuine rights with it.

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