Thursday, February 2, 2012

Doubling down only makes it worse

Today, Mitt Romney continues to play defense on his 'poor/safety net' statement, and now has the Club for Growth criticizing his position supporting automatic minimum wage increases, calling it "disappointing." From CBS News:

"Indexing the minimum wage would be an absolute job killer," Club for Growth President Chris Chocola said. "Mitt Romney's proposal is anti-growth and would harm our economy. It's disappointing to hear that the leading candidate for the Republican nomination believes that the government can set the price of labor better than the free market."

Club for Growth's critique was made after a reporter asked Romney aboard his campaign plane Wednesday if he still believed the minimum wage should be indexed to account for inflation, essentially increasing the minimum wage each year to keep up with the cost of living.

Romney failed to expound on his position, but said he has "the same thoughts as in the past." Since he was governor of Massachusetts, Romney has said he supports automatic hikes in the minimum wage.

With Obama, in  typical fashion, joining the pile on this morning at his prayer breakfast, Romney doubling down on this misstep of words carries the potential to be just as disastrous as doubling down on RomneyCare. It only makes it worse! I make no bones about the former MA Governor not being this blog's candidate, but for goodness sake, man, you're handing one red meat issue after another to our class warfare president, while simultaneously participating, not against, but with, his statist discussion. Stop! Take a lesson from Milton Friedman, Mitt...

ADDENDUM: Levin referred to these Friedman segments in this evening's program...but you all get the point, right? Right, Mr. Romney?

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