Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Do you run with the pack?

A passionate message to Republican voters at this moment in the primaries from the Great's worth a listen:

"I don't run with the pack, I think for myself. I've never run with the pack...outsiders, grassroots activists, conservatives, we always have to fight for our position at the table. The Establishment talks about a big tent, but let me tell you something: that big tent does not include us, it never has, and you can see it right now. I think that's why I resent it, so much that I am seeing, and I'm disgusted with the level of the attacks."

"You see, in Paul Ryan, you know what you're getting. In Jim DeMint, you know what you're getting. In Rick Santorum, you know what you're getting. Even with Newt, in many respects, you know what you're getting; you at least know where he's coming from."

But not so with Romney.

Take note that within Levin's message, he points to a CNSNews investigative piece that attempts to find out more details about Romney's plan to both repeal & replace ObamaCare. And what they found was, to say the least, lacking on the specifics.

Levin's message parallels that of a few others, whether it's Jeffrey Lord declaring, "The war between conservatives and the Republican Establishment -- and make no mistake, this is a war -- is on once more," or a recent piece by Steve McCann at American Thinker:

The Republican Party has a tenuous hold on the conservative movement in America. At present the only home for the 40 percent of the electorate that identify themselves as conservative is the Republican Party, but it appears that those who are nominally identified as the "Republican Establishment" are doing all they can to alienate the vast majority of the current base of the Party.

It has been apparent for over a year that Mitt Romney has been chosen to be the next Republican nominee for president. He is next in line and has the track record and inclination to slow down but not reverse the downward spiral in which the nation finds itself; but above all to fall in line with what is expected of a Republican insider. Perhaps coincidentally, he has spent many millions of dollars hiring consultants and beltway pros, and has the fundraising capacity and personal wealth to keep on employing them. Thus he is the ideal candidate of the Establishment.

However a major problem has arisen. The machinations utilized in the past (with the exception of Ronald Reagan who was not the Establishment's choice) to maneuver the primary voters into choosing the previously anointed Mitt Romney has now come out in the open as the awakened silent majority is no longer willing to be fooled or taken for granted.

The Establishment could not have made a more strategic blunder. They will, in all likelihood, succeed in securing the nomination for Mitt Romney, but the damage they have inflicted upon themselves is approaching irreversible. The public now sees the length to which the Establishment will go to make certain their hand-picked candidate is chosen regardless of the dire circumstances facing the nation.

McCann also exposes the establishment's primary methods of eliminating the other candidates using "the tacit cooperation of the mainstream media," and making a noteworthy observation: "While it maybe the role of the conservative pundit class to proffer their opinions of the various candidates, it is not the role of the overall Establishment to so marginalize candidates that there appears to be only one viable alternative [to Obama]."

So, will you run with the establishment pack? Are you fine with the Party's conservative base being alienated? Are you ready to defend RomneyCare? Who would have thought that at this late date, election year 2012, conservatives would not only have to battle against ObamaCare, but also against its predecessor, RomneyCare, as well as both deliverers? Are we once again ready to thwart principle and go-along-to-get-along to only 'manage' Obama's mess? To pick the lesser of two evils once again?

I'm nowhere near concession, and I don't believe many of you are either. We press on!

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