Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Yes We Will! Cruz on uniting the party and restoring America

No shocker that Trump and Hillary collectively won on home turf. If only the constituency of the Republican Party could come together and UNITE behind an articulate, conservative, principled leader to help pull us out of our 21st century mire. There's still time with one candidate...
"God bless New York and God bless the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
I am so excited to share with you what America has learned over the past few months.
And it has nothing to do with a politician tonight winning his home state.
It has everything to do with what we’ve seen in the towns and faces that have been weathered with trouble, joblessness, and fear. It is what we learned looking at the factories that have been shuttered and the hearts that are closing.
We have learned that America is at a point of choosing.
The media will say it is about choosing a president.
But it really isn’t.
Our real choice is personal, and every generation must make the same choice.
Will we continue to live in the past with what we know no longer works, or will we move forward to a new and better place?
The people in state after state have made it clear. They cry out for a new path."
On Tuesday evening, Ted Cruz gave a riveting speech in Philadelphia on uniting the party and restoring America, expressing that we are at a point of choosing, but first we must unite together, and though we don’t always agree on everything, we must focus on what we do have in common, which is our dissatisfaction with the direction of the country.

"This generation must first look inward to see who we really are, after years of being beaten down.
Years of being told we couldn’t, shouldn’t, or wouldn’t.
This generation needs to answer a new set of questions.
Can we? Should we? Will we?
Are we still those people?
Those dreamers and doers?
Are America’s greatest generations in our past?
Or are our best days yet ahead?
We must unite the Republican Party because doing so is the first step toward uniting all Americans.

The question is not whether all Americans can or will agree on a majority of issues all of the time.
The question is whether a majority of Americans are hungry to rally around a set of principles larger than any single issue that a politician may use to divide us."
Cruz said that once we’ve united, we can reclaim the vision of John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, and yes, even that 'hope' that Obama promised and failed to deliver upon in his 2008 motto of ‘Yes We Can’, proclaiming that now is the time to say ‘Yes We Will’.
"Our sitting president ran on a slogan that should have been a great first step…
It promised us, “yes we can.”
Now is the time to take that slogan and put it into action.
“Yes we can” was a recognition of the hope that we can and should recover. The problem was that Barack Obama’s prescriptions only led to more elitist control from Washington. Less freedom for the People.
But now is the time, as Americans, to once again reclaim that hope.
To take another giant leap for mankind.
To speak the words with all the power and might that we can muster and use the words that have changed the world time and again:
The words that the slaves yearned to hear from the American people and Abraham Lincoln when they cried out for freedom.
The words, that Europe and Britain heard when they cried out for help defeating totalitarian evil in the 1940’s.
The words that led two men in North Carolina to be the first in flight.
And half a century later the first man to reach the moon.
And decades later, two men in their garage to come up with Apple.
They are the words that will repair our tattered spirit, lift up our economy and those who are barely making it, they are the words that will vanquish the evil of ISIS. and return the rule of law.
They are the words that when Americans come together and say with conviction – they change the world.
They are the vision of this campaign:
Not yes we can, but now: Yes we will.
We will restore our spirit;
We will free our minds and imagination;
We will create a new and better world;
We will bring back jobs, freedom, and security;
We will find new ways to ignite an energy revolution with more jobs and greater choices;
We will defeat the evil of Islamists and ISIS;
We will live as neighbors, friends, and family in peace once again;
We will heal the sick, feed the poor, and defend the defenseless;
We will restore our rightful place in the world.
We will do what Americans do best.
We will live for others – we will change the world through the hope of freedom’s enduring promise and our unrelenting spirit.
You can be empowered, and in a digital age it is all the easier for your voice to be heard. Your choices to govern your work, your education, your future. If only Washington will get out of the way.
Join me now on this journey of less talk and more action, real solutions, because I know you. You may have been knocked down, but America has always been best when she is lying down with her back on the mat and the crowd has given the final count. It is time for us as a nation to get up, shake it off and be who we were destined to be.
Don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise.
Here is the truth: You don’t need me or any politician.
But we do need each other, all of us, coming together as one, as We the People, because not only do we say – yes WE can, beginning here and now we pledge to each and every one of us, yes we will.
And now my friends, onward to victory."
Now is the time, America. Choose unwisely and lose it all to Hillary and the Democrats: the Presidency, the Senate, the House, the Judiciary. Or #ChooseCruz and begin anew in unity and restoration.

It's up to you.

(H/t: TRS)

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