Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Rubio encourages delegates to #ChooseCRUZ at the convention

In case you've been wondering which way Rubio's delegates might sway, here's where the Florida Senator is encouraging them to go! This came in Rubio's first interview since dropping out of the presidential race on LevinTV last night...
CR: When Levin asked Rubio who he would be supporting for the corner office, Rubio said that his delegates are bound on the first ballot. He added that on subsequent ballots, "I hope that they'll nominate a conservative." Rubio added, "the only one[presidential candidate] that fits that criteria is Ted Cruz."

Recently Rubio made it clear to state Republican parties that he has not withdrawn from the race completely. He did that in order to ensure that every one of his delegates was bound to him on the first ballot of an open convention. Most state GOP officials have complied with his wishes.

[Last] night was the first time that Rubio has made it clear that he would support Cruz on a second ballot, of all the candidates remaining.
So now Cruz has to continue his ground game of gathering delegates, while winning more states, to hold Trump from attaining that magic number. Still a tall task ahead of us, conservatives, but it can be done. #ChooseCRUZ
TheHayride: Rubio has hinted at a Cruz endorsement for a while, but hasn’t quite gone there yet. Even this isn’t what you’d call an official endorsement – he can’t really make one if he’s going to hold his delegates. This is as explicit as you’ll get until the convention.

Is it a big deal? It’s a pretty big deal. It shows that little by little, Cruz is stitching together the disparate elements of the Republican coalition. ...

That it happens only a few hours after Donald Trump mentioned that he likes Rubio as a potential vice-presidential pick adds a little flavor and irony to the proceedings.
You can bank on another Trumpertantrum over this one too.

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ADDENDUM: By Levin's calculations, Rubio's attempt is to further prevent a Trump lurch on the first ballot at the convention, while encouraging them to head towards Cruz on the second...
On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, On LevinTV Marco Rubio said he wants the Republican presidential nominee to be a conservative and that Cruz is the only one who fits that criteria, but fell short of a formal endorsement. Since then the media has questioned Rubio’s rhetoric, wondering why the he didn’t just outright endorse him. Rubio’s sort-of endorsement was for a distinct purpose. He wants to make sure his delegates are bound to him on the first ballot at the convention, so that they can’t support whomever they wish. If Rubio formally endorsed somebody it would appear that his delegates were free.
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