Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Clear, Principled Choice: the Cruz/Fiorina ticket

Cruz provides a clearer choice today...
CR: Senator and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz hopes that his choice of Carly Fiorina as his running mate will provide voters with a “clear choice” for both the Republican Primary and general election.

“Elections are about choices,” stated Cruz as he announced the former Hewlett Packard CEO and presidential candidate would be running as vice president along side him, should he clench the Republican Nomination this Summer in Cleveland. “The Republican party is faced with a choice today; the American people deserve a real choice in November.”

“This fight is about far more than a ticket. This is about more than Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina,” said the newly-appointed running mate. “This fight is about all of us.”

It was also a choice that stands opposed to candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump “Two big government, New York liberals and Washington insiders.”

Cruz referred to Fiorina as an “extraordinary leader,” adding that she had the “knowledge,” “judgement,” and “honesty” necessary to hold the office of Vice President.

The announcement comes on the heels of rival candidate Donald Trump’s sweep of five northeast states on Tuesday night and widely criticized foreign policy address the following afternoon. A full morning’s worth of insider speculation was confirmed by unnamed campaign advisors early Tuesday afternoon.
On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, Carly Fiorina calls in for her first radio interview after being named as Ted Cruz’s VP pick. She discussed her candidacy, the path forward for the Cruz campaign, the role of outsiders this year, and how Trump and Hillary Clinton are two sides of the same coin. Also, Donald Trump is not the presumptive nominee. If Trump doesn’t get to 1,237 he will be in big trouble and will most likely lose on the 2nd ballot at the Republican convention. In addition, getting over 50% is an achievement for a candidate who is running in the primaries. Reagan had over 70% of the vote in April and by June he had 80%. Trump doesn’t have the numbers that Reagan had when he was running. If Trump has a majority of people supporting him in the Republican primary, shouldn’t he have a bigger percentage of the popular vote? Later, if you could prosecute Trump for being a liberal, he would get a life sentence. Trump has filled his staff in south Florida with mostly foreign workers at his club Mar-a-Lago. He was using and abusing the H-2B visa system as much as he could. Finally, Andrew McCarthy former, U.S. Attorney in New York, calls in to talk about Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech.

Trump is nowhere near the ‘presumptive nominee’, so Dear @TedCruz: Fight to the end!

As for the Republican electorate: Be different. Be principled. Our future depends on it.


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