Friday, May 1, 2015

Obama fighting to keep states from identifying illegals who vote

Always by hook or by crook with the statists and the enablers. The Citizen, National Sovereignty and the Rule of Law be damned...
PJTatler: Non-citizens are voting in American elections, and the federal government refuses to do anything to stop it.

Worse, the current administration seems to be doing everything they can to prevent the states from trying to stop it. First, they sued states that asked people to present ID before voting. Now, the administration will not let states even ask people to establish they are citizens when they register to vote.

That’s the underlying plot in the latest major case in election law that has just been presented to the Supreme Court. Federal law says that states must accept and use a federal form for registering voters. But the federal form doesn’t require any proof that the person submitting the form is a citizen.

The form just asks the registrant to check a box.

Meanwhile, federal law mandates that voter registration forms be made available and pushed everywhere from licensing branches to welfare offices.
Levin addressed this last night, stating that the fix is in with the Obama administration fighting both Kansas and Arizona to keep them from identifying noncitizens on voter registration forms...
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show: We live in a world of myths and images created by the media and academia about our immigration system. The focus is never on the criminality of endless waves of illegal immigration or President Obama's DACA program blocking the deportation of violent criminals. Even worse, the Obama administration is doing everything they can to prevent states from requiring voter identification. A person coming to America in violation of the law and hiding doesn't mean they love America and deserve citizenship like Jeb Bush says. Jeb wants anarchy, not immigration.
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Oh yeah, some of this does sound like the crony capitalists'/Establishment Republicans' preferred presidential nominee...
Is he every concerned for AMERICANS?!

Miscreant minds think alike, I suppose.

Mark reminded us last Friday that Obama's amnesty has always been about adding new Democrats to voter rolls...
On Friday's Mark Levin Show: The left is attempting to stuff the ballot box by manipulating our immigration system and changing the nature of American citizenship. The American identity is constantly being destroyed by leftist institutions and ethnic front groups that oppose assimilation. We must defend the American identity if we want our culture to survive.
...apparently, so are the Bushies! Is it so much more important to secure favor with their bundlers than to assure the survival of America's cultural identity? For the global corporatists, it would appear so.

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