Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Drawing out the terrorists in our midst

What have we learned in this latest incident of attempted terrorism? Well, a couple of things:
  1. How do you draw out the jihadi Islamists who are already here? Hold a cartoon contest to draw Mohammed!
  2. How do you take them out before they harm people? Hold a heavily armed Texas event!
Don't Mess With Texas, jihadis...our finest will oblige to erase you.

So, BRAVO to the unnamed HERO!
FoxNews: A Texas traffic cop saved untold lives Sunday night when he took down two heavily armed men bent on storming a building where a 'Draw the Prophet' Muhammad contest was taking place, killing both before they could make their way inside.

The police officer, who has not been identified by Garland Police Department officials, "probably saved lives," said police spokesman Joe Harn, who added that "his reaction, and his shooting with a pistol, he did a good job."
Probably? DEFINITELY! FYI, one of the shooters was on the FBI's terror radar and had linked himself to ISIS. Another example of state & local doing the job the Feds won't? I won't even go into the border implications here.

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 And BRAVO to Pam Geller and her organization, the American Freedom Denfense Initiative, for being prepared, and continuing to point out the obvious in the face of media adversaries of both political party persuasions...

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Obviously, they didn't listen at all to Geller's excellent speech at the event...

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And KUDOS to the brave Drawing Muhammad contest winner Bosch Faustin, a force in his own right to be reckoned with...
"I understand the threat that we face and that's why I do what I do. I do it because we're being threatened. This has to be fought head-on...

As artists, as writers, as thinkers, as Americans, as people who love freedom, and the entire West, we need to hit back. Not with violence, with the truth, with our art, with our writing. Once free speech goes, it's over."

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Now, I'm positive what occurred was not Geller's intent. In fact, she makes it abundantly clear through the multiple interviews that the intent was a simple display of free speech and tolerance (something that far too many still don't understand is a two-way street) after having those who'd excuse the violence of the Charlie Hebdo slaughter held a so-called Islamophobia event at this same location in Garland months earlier. A tit-for-tat, if you will. Nonetheless, this gave us an excellent model for drawing these savages out.

There's no avoiding the troubled state that our free speech & religious liberties are currently in, as demonstrated through Geller's First Amendment event. It speaks volumes about the state of religious intolerance in a free society or more broadly the world over, when you can submerge the Crucifixion into a vat of urine ('Piss Christ' was funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, no less!) or splatter an image of the Holy Virgin Mary with elephant dung, calling both art, without the escalation of violent aggression against either, yet you can't dare draw a cartoon of Mohammed for fear of being viciously murdered!

Enough of the double standards and excuses. If savages want to kill, then maybe it's about damn time to draw them out and take them down. But whatever we do, as the contest winner illustrates through his superhero Pigman, NEVER SUBMIT.

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