Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jeb Bush wants to 'punish' illegals...not exactly (ADDENDUM)

FYI, Republican Establishment: The fanatics never were within the grassroots, the tea party, or conservatism, but ARE and have always been within YOUR ESTABLISHMENT!

NEWSFLASH: The Bushies are a central, generational part of the problem (and look who and what they've led to!)...
"However you look at this Jeb Bush, the only way he's doing well is raising money, raising money with the crony capitalists. ... This man is not popular with the Republicans; he's not popular with conservatives in any way. And one of the reasons is it's not just that he's wrong on so many issues, he lectures us, he talks down to us. 'Oh, they'll come around; oh, I'll persuade them.' The man is supposed to represent us. 'Well, he's a real leader, you see, he doesn't change his positions.' That's not a real leader necessarily. If his positions are sound, that's one thing. If his positions aren't sound, that's actually a problem, that's a failure.

How can you look at the data respecting wave after wave immigration, illegal immigration, since the 1960's, the impact on the American job market, the impact on the American welfare system, the impact on the Americanization and assimilation, which apparently doesn't occur much anymore thanks by the way to liberal American citizens who hate the country -- how can you look at these things and continue to support more of it? And then denounce the American people who built this society? ...

We're not a nation of immigrants, we're a nation of citizens. We're a nation of citizens, some of whom are recent immigrants, some of whom are second, third, fifth, tenth generation, whatever, but you're a nation of citizens, not foreigners, citizens! I believe in taking the language back; I believe in challenging the irrationality and myth-making that goes on, ladies and gentlemen. But Jeb Bush, he's a fanatic! Jeb Bush is obsessed with open borders; he's obsessed with amnesty, and he's arrogant about it, because he's ideological about it..."

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ADDENDUM: Mark Levin opens up on the GOP establishment's potential nominee, Jeb Bush, along with his stance on immigration, among other issues...
"Now who's the extremist? Who is it that's outside of the mainstream?"

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