Friday, June 23, 2017

Just ask them! The Obama admin knew all about Russia, Russia, Russia!

If you're like me, the ad nauseam lib networks' Russia repeats are sounding like Jan complaining about Marcia! However, their constant conniving may be catching up to them.

Let's back up to another presidential tweet to get the gears turning. (no, not that one, this one!)

President Trump finally hit upon something that Levin's been asking for WEEKS now...
...which was caught by an eagle NBC eye, who actually followed the logic.
You follow the reasonable presumption, right? If the Obama admin knew about it, they weren't gonna say anything at the time when the newsters had Hillary on top of the polls. That would've harmed her by giving Trump ammunition (you know, the guy who was already yelling 'rigged!'). And we all know that a Democratic national election victory is far more important than national security or sovereignty!

To further the point, former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz admits the Obama intel community did nothing to help them, never asked for their servers, and let the Russians own the DNC network for more than a year! Guffaw!

No wonder journalist Nicholas Kristof (who outs himself as a Democrat operative in the process, btw, oh mon dieu) is calling out the Obama admin, suggesting it needs to be investigated as well!
Uh, ya think?! Only when the media's interested enough to cut to the truth of the matter instead of advancing a leftist witch-hunt because their candidate didn't win. Hey, mine didn't either, and the argument could be made that it's showing. But this vengeful collusion did not occur incessantly, day after day, for the months following Obama's election (we were too busy defending ourselves from being called Racist! whenever we civilly and constitutionally disagreed with policies).

A word to Republicans: walk and chew gum at the same time for crying out loud! While you're holding hearings on Capitol Hill, why not call on several of these Obama admin guys and gals to testify? Just ask them!

Aside from that, this crap has chewed up more time and taken more precedence than what we were told was gonna be the driving agenda. How about getting IT done without the delays, distractions or deceptions? (yes, I'm talking about Obamacare repeal, the Wall, tax reform, the whole enchilada!)

'Til then, might as well tune out the brunt of broadcast media, 'cause most of what we'll continue to get is more Russia, Russia, Russia!

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