Monday, July 17, 2017

TRUTH BOMB: Levin demolishes the GOP’s ‘Made in America’ hypocrisy

"It's not about a victory; it's about doing the right thing!"
Levin posed a very timely question for the President and the Republican Party on Monday evening's program; one many of us would like to know...
CR: Mark Levin came out firing Monday night blasting President Trump and the GOP Congress for their embrace of a European socialist health care system.

“You believe in ‘Made in America?’” said Levin. “Then why are you adopting a European-style health care system?”

“What is this made in America stuff when they are destroying our health care system?”
Now that’s a truth bomb!
On Monday’s Mark Levin show, while President Trump is making this week, “Made in America Week, ” does he and the Republican Party really believe in it? Why adopt a European style socialized healthcare system? That system means rationing and lines. If we really believe in “Made in America” we will adopt a healthcare system that will help our coal workers, steel workers and all Americans. Made in America is about liberty and individualism and that we are mature enough to decide what kind of healthcare we want. In addition, what the Republicans are proposing is not going to reduce deductibles or the cost of care. This bill is a loser and should not be voted for. It is ironic when it comes to the massive healthcare industry, that the entire debate on healthcare is a progressive debate. There is no Americanism in this debate and nothing about free markets, private property or choice. Also, moderate Republicans have already extracted payoffs from Mitch McConnell for support of the
Republican healthcare bill. If Republican senators are serious in maintaining a majority they shouldn’t do stupid things like going behind our backs and making these deals. After that, while GOP leadership promotes healthcare, not a finger is lifted in support of the military. Can we have a bill that doesn’t turn our military into a social engineering project? Finally, the media focus on Trump and Russia, yet there are no discussions with Hillary about the Clinton Foundation’s contacts with the Russians. How come Republicans will not inquire or look into this? The weakness they show is unprecedented. Finally, Mike Lee calls in to say that he and Jerry Moran are not going to be voting in the Senate for a motion to proceed with the Republican healthcare bill. America wants more repeal.

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