Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Stop! While Rome burns, federalism fizzles

If you're anything like me, you can't stand to turn on the so-called news as of late. Blah, blah, blah. So much to do, so little time to do it, and so many distractions in the way. These passions may lie somewhere between sarcasm and sentiment, but the disgust with Washington all the way around is real and shared by plenty. In a recent piece entitled, Aesop’s Washington: Perhaps It is Time to Dissolve Our Union, Erick Erickson begins by unravelling the current controversies (phony or otherwise) in D.C. I'd encourage you to read that introduction; however, the teeth of this piece sink in a third of the way through, and that's what I'd like to share to move towards the bigger picture...
Everything in Washington is now relative and tribal. Each side now competes for elections to impose their own morality and choices on the people as a whole. With the left, they demand unending culture war. We must all accept and pay for abortion and we must all accept and provide goods and services to gay weddings. We cannot decide this by state, as the founders intended.

The left and right both want to use Washington as they see fit with no real restraints on their agendas. The founders intended Washington to be useful for little and the states to be useful for much. Not any more. Both sides have incorporated the Bill of Rights against the states, which the founders expressly did not and which was only done through Supreme Court divination in the twentieth century.

The stakes have grown so high as five black robed masters demand their morality be imposed on 320 million people and the federal government insists a heterogeneous people be homogenized. There is no room on either side for diversity of thought. The tribe, not the nation, is all that matters.

Washington is dysfunctional and our President is a dolt well out of his league. The only honest thing he has said of late is that the job is harder than he expected.

The left will give him no benefit of any doubt and the GOP will excuse his every action. Our nation is broken. It does not work. Neither side has an ounce of grace for the other. Traditional values are now bigotry to the left. College campuses silence dissent in ways that would make Hitler proud. Washington is supposed to do everything. And Washington does nothing well. Outrage is defined by party, not objective truth.

Perhaps it is time we end this experience. Few people really want a country as the founders envisioned and those of us who do are assailed from both sides. The stakes have been escalated beyond any amount of reason and should the Democrats eventually take back the White House, which they will, everything they have attacked Trump for will suddenly be embraced and every Republican who has defended Trump will attack the future Democrat President.
Is he saying what I think he's saying? Just bear with it and the point will become clearer...
Let’s not pretend otherwise. We have Democrats running Republican congressmen off the road and reporters writing stories justifying it. We have environmental wackos blaming global warming on too many people, but they refuse to go first and kill themselves. We have Republican congressmen targeting businesses whose employees oppose the congressmen. It is only a matter of time before real shots are fired. Democrats are convinced the President is committing treason and Republicans are war criminals. Meanwhile, conservatives are convinced the left has created an existential threat against their cultural existence. ...

Our national union is fraying at the seams and I think we have reached the point where it is best to go on and tear it into fifty pieces and move on, each state its own.

The only real alternative should be an immediate repeal of the fourteenth and seventeenth amendments so that national elections become more diffuse through state legislative elections and the demands of moral and cultural homogeneity through conjured divinations in equal protection die by the wayside. Force each state, its laws, and its morality to be relevant again. That is the only way to preserve the nation.
To me, this very real frustration makes yet another unavoidable case for the necessity of an Article V Convention of States, lest we see the ideals of federalism and little 'r' republicanism go by the wayside never to return. Time to lift the blinders, admit Washington's irreparable, and embrace genuine solutions to restrain it, reform it, fix it through the powers granted to the states.
If not now, folks, when?

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