Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trump proves 'Presidential'...Dems prove petulant

Last night, Donald Trump the man became Donald Trump the President...

TheResurgent: The truth is that Presidential speeches to joint sessions of Congress are quickly forgotten. Within a week, the nation will be on to other topics. But while the speeches are forgotten, the impressions they leave will live on. Last night, Mr. Trump finally became President Trump. That should scare the crap out of Democrats.

President Trump’s speech was, frankly, a conventional speech to a crowd that favors convention. He sounded the part. He hit the right notes. His remarks on Ryan Owens and having Mrs. Owens there were electric and unifying. It was a moment of non-partisanship in a hyper-partisan age. That moment allowed all but the most cynical partisans to be American, not partisan. The President put the nation ahead of the tribe. That matters.

It matters because things have felt out of sorts for some time and the last month has been discombobulating and confusing for so many people. Last night, President Trump restored normalcy. It has a different rhythm and a different cadence, but it is familiar. That familiarity is reassuring.

The President’s performance should scare Democrats because they had placed their bets that President Trump is incapable of rising to the occasion. But he did. They cannot now rely on letting President Trump self immolate. They are now going to have to relate to real people in the heartland again, but how can they?

In saying, “My job is not to represent the world. My job is to represent the United States of America,” President Trump connected with the middle class across demographic lines and Americans witnessed a Democratic Party sitting on their hands. When the Congress gave Mrs. Owens a standing ovation, Keith Ellison — the would be chair of the DNC — and Debbie Wasserman Schultz refused to stand.

Last night, the President showed he really has found his footing. He showed he really can be up to the task of being everyone’s President. He showed he is invested in the job.

The substance of his speech was not conservative. There was big government for everyone. Republicans cheered protectionism and government mandated paid family leave. They cheered further government interference in the free market and healthcare. But again, the substance of the speech will all be forgotten. No President’s wish list in a speech like this ever advances too far.

What does advance is how people left the speech feeling. And Americans had every reason to feel reassured that things will be okay in the Age of Trump.

Now if he’ll just stay off Twitter for 24 hours.
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Though the overall substance of Trump's speech to Congress was a mixed bag for constitutional conservatives, it was more than visibly obvious that Democrats became the Party of Hate last night...
TheResurgent: President Trump gave a good, presidential speech last night. It wasn’t Reagan. But it damn sure wasn’t The Donald of June 2015 either. He hit the right message, the right tone, and most importantly, exposed the Democrats as the party of hate.

Democrats behaved like petulant children by sitting and grimacing against public opinion, while Trump gave the most inclusive and bipartisan speech he’s ever made.

Here’s the list of things the Democrats hated, by my reckoning.
  • Black History Month
  • Fighting anti-Semitism
  • pre-existing conditions
  • Rare disease survivors
  • Medicaid support at the state level
  • State lines (selling health insurance across them)
  • Accessible child care
  • School education choice
  • Law enforcement (they were forced to their feet on the second mention)
  • God
  • Big, bold, daring things
After baiting the Democrats for 18 months, Trump turned the tables, extended his hand, and let them turn their shoulder from him, against public opinion. This won’t go over well for Democrats.

Nobody will remember what Trump said last night. They’ll remember he was presidential. And they’ll remember how the Democrats reacted. That’s exactly what Trump intended.
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And the Media FREAKS OUT that 7 in 10 Americans felt optimistic after Trump's speech? Really, how can we not considering...
In his speech last night, President Trump proved that he can act presidential and assume the ceremonial duties of president. He inspired much of the country with optimism after eight years of national malaise.
ADDENDUM: From Levin Wednesday evening...
On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, President Donald Trump gave a terrific speech on Tuesday. It will resonate with most Americans because of the conservative aspects and the patriotic packaging of some liberal policy items like family leave and infrastructure spending. Of course liberals and Democrats are furious because Trump is politically hijacking their issues. Rather than trying to hang onto their constituents they are letting them go. However, it’s frustrating that Trump is trying to win the Reagan Democrats with big government policies. He should instead win them over with free market economics and unleashing the economy. Trump was extremely effective in advancing both conservative and liberal policies. Maybe this is what the American people want and what the Republican Party has become. In addition, there was not a single thing mentioned about the debt by Trump, the Democrats or Republicans. Nobody wants to talk about the debt because they created it. After that, the Democrats are despicable and acting like children during the speech. They still can’t accept the outcome of the election.
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Trump scored big, using a conventional speech to kick off an unconventional presidency

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