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Last shot before oblivion?

“Some men change their party for the sake of their principles; others their principles for the sake of their party.” ~ Winston Churchill

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." ~ John Quincy Adams
I won't waste time attempting to understand or explain how utterly bizarre and volatile this presidential election cycle has been. You've experienced it right alongside the rest of us. Perhaps it's even more baffling when you're a Christian voter trying to maintain some semblance of Biblical aspiration in principle and conscience with your decision. We're told you have to choose the 'lesser of two evils,' or fret over who the next SCOTUS justice will be. But how does either candidate represent your values? How does the realization of God always being in control no matter what happens actually factor into the equation? And what if it's possible that God has a greater plan for believers? This preponderance of conscience may lead you to a more acceptable place in the lead-up to November 8th, as one organization has come to see it (H/t: TheResurgent)...
By: Paul Hastings

A couple of weeks ago, some friends and I were reflecting on the sad state of this year’s presidential election. Leader after leader in the Christian community had come out in support of Trump, a candidate that is so hostile to so much of God’s teaching. Yet here were the Christian leaders that we admired telling us the very opposite of what they had preached for so long; that values no longer mattered.

It was incredibly disheartening to hear many of my Christian friends begin repeating what these leaders were saying. That we needed to support Trump because he was the only hope we have to stop Hillary.

But we knew there are many Christians still on the fence. They’re asking themselves, should they vote for Trump? So we made this video to tell them what we believed. That perhaps God has a greater calling on Believers than choosing the “lesser” of two evils. A calling to holiness.

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Just as there were far too many crowding the Republican field during the primary season, so too are there an overwhelming abundance of write-in candidates, several seeking a Higher Calling in this high office, however. There's a promising alternative in Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle, as well as lesser known America's Party candidate Tom Hoefling who nonetheless seeks to save the American Republic. Yet, there seems to be a more charismatic gentleman who has risen to the top of the website's own polling and has caught the attention of top Christian conservative pundits who've never signed on to the binaryism of this election (H/t: TheTelegraph)...
By: Erick Erickson

The reality is that the election is over and has been since the moment Donald Trump got the Republican nomination. No nominee has ever left the conclusion of the convention season with a polling deficit and rebounded. No nominee has entered the last month of the election behind seven points and rebounded. ...

The election is over for president. The Senate and House of Representatives can be saved if Republicans still turn out. But if the election were held today, Hillary Clinton would already have the requisite 270 Electoral College votes to be president, and that is with 10 states still in toss up territory... Trump is that bad of a nominee. Clinton has a better chance of winning Texas now than Trump has of winning Pennsylvania.

That leads me to Evan McMullin. McMullin is currently in first place in Utah. He is an independent Republican running for president and may be the first non-major party candidate to win Electoral College votes since 1968. He is a conservative. He, like Trump, went to Wharton Business School. Unlike Trump, McMullin grew up in a home that often could not be heated in the winter due to lack of money.

McMullin served his country in the clandestine unit of the CIA. He was a spy in Iran and Afghanistan who helped undermine the bad guys. He is a man of character who Republicans can proudly support instead of holding their nose for a man like Donald Trump. There is also a bigger issue Republicans and, in particular, Christians need to consider.

According to the latest polling, 70 percent of evangelicals are willing to accept immoral acts in their political nominees. That is more than the nation as a whole and is 40 percent higher for evangelicals compared with just two years ago. The Age of Trump has led many evangelicals off the cliff of moral relativism. Suddenly, grabbing women by their genitals is fine if you think your candidate will advance the kingdom.

The reality is that Republicans and Christians in America will never get a candidate better than Trump if they settle for Trump now. Affirming Trump will just embolden even greater moral cretins to run for office and will send a strong signal to good men and women that they need not bother.

McMullin is an antidote to this. He is a write-in candidate... If you write-in Evan McMullin on the ballot, your vote will count for him. He is not the lesser of any evil, but an alternative to voting for evil. Writing in Evan McMullin will send a clear message that we are not going to settle again for men like Donald Trump. The Republican Party needs to know that nominating men of low character is unacceptable.
Here's a few more helpful resources on the McMullin/Finn ticket:

There is a strategy at play here that has worked before with the electoral math, and McMullin's odds are improving as he's poised to take Utah and possibly even a few other Mountain States. Evan McMullin could just make history this election.

Could such a candidacy factor into God's broader plan for America and His people? Only the Almighty knows. But I know I'm not the only one with a sense that this time, this moment, might be our last shot before oblivion with either major party candidate. Whether it is or isn't, a couple of things are now clear: 1.) Providence always provides a principled option, and 2.) our Maker's judgment will come to fruition soon enough. Will we accept either? We still have a voice in the prior...we're stuck with the latter.

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ADDENDUM II: And a final word from that great British statesman, Daniel Hannan, in an effort to steer Americans away from voting for an unfit candidate (H/t: TheResurgent)...
“The only wasted vote is a vote cast without conviction.”

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