Wednesday, October 26, 2016

John Ziegler discusses the cost of being duped and where we go from here...

Alternative title: The err of alt-right enabling in the era of Trump.

John Ziegler has been one of the few conservatives (alongside Beck, Erickson, Howe and a handful of others) who haven't utterly succumbed to the pervading fissure of fall-in-line peer pressure throughout what used to be a somewhat solid (and growing) venue of free-thinking conservative media outlets, which now seems to be evaporating over the brevity of a meer year (i.e., since the rise of Trump).

I don't know that anyone is still even considering reason anymore, much less listening, or have just submitted to binaryism at this point in the current disdainful cycle. But for those still opened, I happened upon this yesterday.

Here's John Ziegler on Glenn Beck's Tuesday program. Let me just say it's difficult not to use the "my sentiments exactly" colloquialism...

A final word: Vote your conscience wherever that may lead in this presidential election, but remember the down ballot! There lies the mechanism of restraint if those elected exercise the will to do so (I know...we haven't seen THAT in such a long time).

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