Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Beck, Levin to all the Hannitys: The onus is not on us, 'It's on Trump!'

We've seen so many twist themselves up into pretzels defending their guy no matter what, even with his latest immigration rub, even with her already failed presidency despite a win or a loss. Yet, it is the win or loss in the eyes of party loyalty that seems to be the singular, sole concern of these contortionists. What of conservative, constitutional, founding Principle? 'What about it?' appears to be the standard response.

And this tattered election cycle with the lackluster choices made has not only cost us principle, reason, and likely the best opportunity to date to right so many wrongs, but as many have become all too familiar with by now, it's cost friendships.

One of those has become particularly public and volatile over the past 24 hours, thanks to the Fair-and-Balance'd antagonist. But rather than launch a tirade like a certain someone, I'd rather share the patient and rational responses of the gentlemen in which this ire has been projected towards.

Here's what Beck had to say this morning...
Mediaite: During his angry rant against #NeverTrump-ers yesterday, Sean Hannity called out Glenn Beck by name for waging a “holy war” by, well, standing on principle. He said that if people like Beck stubbornly refuse to get behind Trump and Hillary Clinton wins, they will be responsible for everything she does in office.

Beck resisted the urge to jab Hannity (his co-hosts weren’t as kind), and he instead implored his audience not to be too harsh on Hannity for his disagreement.

What Beck did argue is that it’s not on him or any #NeverTrump-er if Trump loses, it’s on Trump.

“If we couldn’t get the nominee to be Ted Cruz,” Beck said, “we certainly aren’t powerful enough to stop Donald Trump.”

He did make it abundantly clear that by nominating Trump in the first place, “we stopped listening to reason” and prioritized winning over principles.

Beck’s position seems in line with Mark Levin‘s from last night, though Levin’s critique of Trump boosters did not mention Hannity by name.
...segueing to the prior evening's response from Levin...
Mediaite: Conservative radio host Mark Levin believes that Donald Trump is the one screwing things up for himself, so it’s amusing for his backers in the media to blame #NeverTrump Republicans for his current predicament.

Levin has said in the past he is #NeverTrump, and he said today he would reveal his voting plans soon enough.

But he has a problem with people who “go on and on behind the microphone and cherry-pick polls,” especially the ones blaming Trump’s woes on the Republicans opposed to him:
“‘If only the #NeverTrumpers, if only Jonah Goldberg and Bill Kristol and Glenn Beck and this one and that one, if only they’d get behind Trump, then we’d be winning! Then we’d win big time! Oh yes!’ No we wouldn’t. As popular as many of those men and women are, they’re not going to sway anybody one way or another. This is a presidential election. People make up their own minds.”
Levin even said, “We nominated the wrong person.”

Now, left unsaid in Levin’s commentary was any particular conservative with a microphone who might have gone after Jonah Goldberg and Glenn Beck specifically and blamed them for Trump’s woes. A conservative with a microphone who has jumped through hoops to claim Trump is winning.

Does such a conservative with a microphone exist?
It took a while for these three men to come together for the cause of conservatism, and now in such a short timespan, it's only taken a guy like Trump to divide that unity. So perhaps the final question should be, why has this man affected friendships in this manner? Much like his nomination, this entire pseudo-Republican circus seems to be more about a perceived (yet delusional) win for party's sake alone, devoid of principles reclaimed and revitalized.

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