Monday, August 22, 2016

'A mistake of historic proportions' means more all-around loss for Americans

And not even the Lewandowski-Manafort-Bannon roulette table of a campaign can outshine the catastrophe of the candidate himself. If terms can be broadened, though, Jason Taylor manages to do so...

Once each four years we in these United States choose a president and our vote symbolizes all that is fair, decent and right about freedom and respect. The democratic way is admired around the world and we are suppose to hold our heads high and let the others looking in see us, enjoy our process and learn from our country’s long established order. This election fails to impress the world, and it’s embarrassing us as a nation. We are better than lies, bigotry, racism, sexism and the insane waste of intellect to churn more useless commentary on wrongs that are wrong.

We are the greatest country on earth. Our lifestyle and comforts are second to none and yet we complain, blame and chatter like children on a playground discussing what’s fair about the game. To be the president of this great country, one must have great intent to lead with thought and ideas that can be discussed, modified and followed. The world watches as we embarrass ourselves.
The Presidential campaign, bizarre as its been for over a year now, is reaching a dangerous point never seen before. There is really nothing left to say about Trump that hasn’t been said except perhaps that, no, people do not change, and expecting this man to stay on point or to use a teleprompter to deliver his lines, will alter our perception of him, is nonsense. How the flawed GOP leadership can feign hope while they await a turn-around by Trump, is laughable and offers a rather dimwitted deprecation of their own self-esteem. ...

The whole Trump Circus has damaged, perhaps beyond repair, the dignity and importance of our revered democratic process of electing the leader of our country. Pick up any paper, or turn on any “news” media, and you have Donald in your face. Nothing seems to be out of bounds, and I strongly suspect that he is enjoying his stint on the “Road to the White House” reality TV show with its daily script adjustments…UnReal. He has had to spend little on his ride to international fame and infamy as our profit/ratings-driven media have given him his tent. Perhaps he will not “win” the presidency, but he certainly has won his notoriety upon which I am sure he will build another “billion dollar” empire. We reacted negatively to Hillary Clinton fees for speeches to Wall Street. I wonder how we will perceive in retrospect the capitalization of Donald’s bid for the highest office in our nation.
Finally, I turn to Erickson for some perspective on...

Republicans are heading to November’s White House loss for one overarching reason. They decided to do nothing controversial, to play it safe, and to make sure, above all else, that they were not disliked. The result is a party that was perceived by many of its early tea party supporters as cowardly, unwilling to hold Barack Obama accountable, and too beholden to special interests instead of willing to keep promises. The Mitch McConnell “play it safe and don’t rock the boat” approach has thrown the GOP into the rapids and is about to cause the party boat to capsize. ...

In 2014, despite all the hysteria that Ted Cruz was going to make the GOP disliked, the GOP won again. In fact, in the Age of Obama the GOP has won and kept on winning virtually everything other than the White House. But still the GOP doesn’t want to be disliked. Still the GOP refuses to stand up to Barack Obama.

Eventually, the base of the party got frustrated. That frustrated base was joined by a group of political outsiders not really affiliated with either party who finally had enough of both parties. They all felt desperate and betrayed. The felt like their very culture and way of life was under assault by a Washington elite who did not care about them, could not relate to them, and decided they were all hateful bigots who couldn’t write checks anyway. Desperate times call for desperate measures. So they turned to Donald Trump to burn down Washington. The Republican voters who sided with Trump early, when asked why they liked Trump, knew very little about him, but they said, “He fights!” That became the joke. Trump is a Clinton donor, pro-abortion New Yorker who bragged about his affairs, but “he fights!”

Trump isn’t interested in being liked or loved. He’s interested in fighting and being blunt. At least that is how voters perceive him. It is worth noting too that for a time the very establishment Trump’s voters want burned to the ground rallied to Trump. Behind the scenes, D.C. lobbyists, Senate Republicans, and Republican outside groups heaped praise on Trump as a way to stick it to Ted Cruz. They wanted Trump over Cruz. When it became Cruz vs. Trump, they demanded Cruz kiss McConnell’s ring if they were going to act. He refused so they decided they could accept Trump. They decided they could work with Trump, but could not and would never work with Cruz. Now they attack Cruz for failing to endorse the man they all privately hope loses to Hillary. And privately they worry that Trump, who they now realize they cannot control and who will never pivot, is going to cost them the power they’ve tried to horde by doing nothing and standing still.

That makes this coming loss so ironic. The GOP is going to lose with Trump because its leaders were too scared to stand for anything and refused to stand with the only candidate who, in the end, had a shot at stopping Trump. By standing for nothing, they got stood up by their voters and stomped into the dust by Trump. The only question that remains is this: after the loss, will the GOP learn the right lessons?

I suspect not. The party leaders and their editorial mouthpieces still cannot even acknowledge that there is both an elite and an establishment within the party. The talking heads of Fox who are long tied to guys like McConnell and the editorialists at the Wall Street Journal who openly disdain heartland voters both deny there is an establishment.

... They will again rally to the brilliant strategery of Mitch McConnell that got them in this mess in the first place. They will ignore that Republicans have a lower opinion of congress right now than Democrats and that congress’s popularity has gone up because it is not in Washington right now.

Until they figure it out, the desire to be liked will trump (pun intended) the desire to hold the President accountable through any and all means necessary. And that will just perpetuate the helplessness of a lot of people with real needs and fears who want a political party to stop wanting to be liked and start leading. Perpetuating that, in turn, leads even further down the rabbit hole of anger in the voting population.

When a voting base thinks they are on the brink of disaster, in large part because of the rhetoric of elected Republican leaders, a play it safe strategy is just asking to be curb stomped.
Not to detract from Obama's lawlessness and hypocrisy, but the Democratic-leaning media seems to be paying as much attention to those as Republicans are to the above points. Unfortunate, because it means more all-around loss for Americans.

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