Friday, July 29, 2016

Until we desire a 'new party' that 'speaks to the heart', we find ourselves here...

I heard Glenn Beck talking about a topic of interest this morning on his program (I'll attach that to this post if it happens to appear on the interweb). It's one that I started thinking about last night while viewing the powerful video of Khizr Khan addressing Trump at the #DNCinPHL.

Folks, THIS should have been a part of the #RNCinCLE had Republicans chosen a viable nominee...

TheResurgent: If you are a Republican, you should watch this video clip and be ashamed. That mother and father lost their son. He died on the battlefield while serving the United States against our enemies in the Middle East. This is a muslim family. They immigrated from the United Arab Emirates...

They are proud American patriots. If Donald Trump had his way, they’d have never been allowed into the United States.

“You sacrificed nothing and no one,” is a line that is going to echo through Campaign 2016. It was the most powerful moment of the past two weeks and the most powerful words spoken in either Cleveland or Philadelphia.

Shame, Republicans. Shame on you.
Related link: Father of slain Muslim US soldier to Donald Trump: 'You have sacrificed nothing and no one'

This emotional moment will of course be used by Democrats like all other expressions of the heart, but then isn't that the point? This was the most effective display of average people who responded to Trump's offensive antics throughout the campaign season (others included a Texas military widow who was scammed by Trump University and a wheelchair-bound young woman with cerebral palsy responding to Trump's mocking of a disabled NYTimes reporter).

I wished that there existed a party with the sincerity behind these kind of messages. The Democrats are not, they just exploit them, quite effectively I might add, and we all know it. But the Republicans used to be that party; however, it no longer subscribes to such unity in values or principles, and it nominated a man who rejects those very provisions of conservatism.

We have allowed the years of successful divisions promulgated by leftists to fester, seep and adhere to the sensibilities of an exhausted and frustrated right-of-center people. And in so doing, we are losing the hearts of our people to the Big Government facade of compassion that would use such sincere messages for its own benefit, not that of ours.

As I heard Beck plainly speak to this conundrum, I agree, we need a new party that knows what the 'F' it's doing...that genuinely speaks to the hearts of Americans, devoid of Big Government solutions, but with a reinvigorating, honest message of liberty, truth, justice...real independence. Until then, we find ourselves here...

ADDENDUM: Here's some of those Beck radio segments that I was referencing from the 7/29 program...

This first segment was earlier in the program ('Thanks!' to the lefties at RWW for posting, HA!), where Glenn explains how the 'RNC idiots' have completely missed out on reaching the impassioned, somewhat uninformed, average American, who desires a change for the better towards our inherent 'red, white & blue' values (i.e., tea party, Constitution, Founders)...but while the Republicans were reaching out the Sanders Marxists, completely jettisoning our Founding documents & tea party people, the Democrats recognized the void and were reaching out to these very people, making an entire week out of it!
"GOP, RNC idiots. You idiots! Maybe after you get your ass handed to you by a bunch of Marxist, revolutionary radicals, who have just cloaked themselves as YOU, maybe you'll figure it out that maybe we should stop moderating to the left."

...and here's the segment where Glenn explains how the Democrats effectively used 'the message of the heart' to reach the undecided (@13:55)...a message that completely escaped the RNC the previous week. After Glenn mentioned the Gold Star muslim father, the wheelchair-bound disabled woman, and the black Trump University military widow, he asks a poignant question aimed at the Republican-voting electorate:
"Who do you think moved the needle further? That person, or us screaming about how horrible Hillary Clinton is? Or them screaming about what a racist Donald Trump is? They positioned this the entire time with the three things I have been saying are missing: 'You don't feel like you belong'...[second] 'I hear you'...and the third thing they didn't accomplish is 'You don't feel like you have any control of your life,' but I think in a way they can't ever accomplish that because they're for Big Government. But through marketing, they made you feel like 'I'm in a group that hears me; they're gonna give me control of my life!' Those three things are the main thing that I believe America feels right now and is the source of our problem. We did nothing, NOTHING, except inflict more pain on the people who feel those three things. And we did it with anger and fear instead of love and charity."

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