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This is where I remain with #RNCinCLE, Drumpf and the former Republican Party...

Let this serve as a continuation of This is where I am with the convention, the candidate and the RNC lot...

Ronald Reagan said, “I ask you not simply to ‘Trust me,’ but to trust your values—our values—and to hold me responsible for living up to them.” George W. Bush stated, “I know the presidency is an office that turns pride into prayer, but I am eager to start on the work ahead.” Even Nixon, for all his faults, declared, “Without God's help and your help, we will surely fail; but with God's help and your help, we shall surely succeed.” But Trump...
“I am your voice... No one knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it.”
He helped pay for it and thus build it up with the current crop of corrupt Washington swine (including his Democratic rival that he can't seem to focus on), so, yeah, unfortunately he knows the system all too well...

After this week's circus, it's affirmed that we are more divided than ever thanks to Donald J. Trump and his devotees. Conservatives truly find themselves at a fork in the road, and it's time to plot our new course home...

Wednesday night Ted Cruz spoke for the Republican Party, and Thursday night Donald Trump spoke as a law-and-order Democrat running under the GOP banner. ... Using Reagan’s slogan “Make America Great Again™” and Nixon’s rhetoric, Trump’s message resonates with disaffected Democrats, whose party has moved so far left that there’s no discernible difference between them and most European socialist parties... Cruz’s speech, even through bitterness, framed a more Reaganesque Republican Party, with a focus on liberty and freedom. ... There are really now two parties. ... on November 9, 2016, I would love to see a new party rise up, led by actual conservatives in the tradition of Lincoln and Reagan. ...there are two parties trying to share one banner. It’s time to quit pretending while the GOP turns into the Whigs of 1840.
...because if this is Trump unity, I, along with multitudes of conservatives, want no part of it... the aftermath of last night’s disturbing acceptance speech, Cheeto—who presumably has more responsibility for party unification than anyone, as the official nominee—has eschewed any attempt at unification and is now only further declaring war on Ted Cruz. POLITICO has a pair of pieces out this morning, covering Cheeto’s Friday morning press conference: the first piece notes that Cheeto is so butthurt over his epically being snubbed on Wednesday night that he would not even accept an endorsement from Cruz, at this point, and the second piece notes that Cheeto has decided to revive the (properly) moribund unfounded rumors about Cruz’s father somehow being involved in the JFK assassination. ...The Republican presidential nominee then openly speculated about forming his own Super PAC to try to primary Cruz in his 2018 U.S. Senate reelection campaign, purely out of spite. ...This is the man for whom the Party of Lincoln and Reagan is presently in the tank. The Party that once argued that, for public officials, character and decency matter.

Ted Cruz did the right thing by not sacrificing the integrity of the post-William F. Buckley, Jr./Russell Kirk/Ronald Reagan conservative movement at the false altar of Donald J. Trump. He did the right thing by defending the integrity and sacred honor of his family’s name against a borderline-deranged iconoclast who would deny them both. It is to the everlasting shame of the Republican Party apparatus that, not only can it not plainly see this, but it is now forced to shill for the Cheeto Jesus monster it helped create—a monster who disregards that sacrosanct integrity and honor with much the same cavalier alacrity as he shows in repudiating the very conservative first principles themselves which some of us still hold so dear.

The Resistance will endure as the conservative movement in exile. Cheeto Jesus is our Nebuchadnezzar. Welcome to Babylon. With enough strength and force of will, we will persevere and eventually find our way back to Jerusalem.
Vindictive much? Aren't the primaries over? Hasn't Trump been nominated? Isn't he now running to defeat Hillary? But like a bully, he can't help himself. He's incapable of unity, and he further proved it this morning...

Continued exacerbation: WATCH: Republican Nominee Donald Trump Trashes & Mocks GOP Senator Ted Cruz AGAIN Because Unity Or Whatever
Sore winner MELTDOWN: Trump doubles, then TRIPLES down on Cruz attacks
WATCH. Unhinged Donald Trump Becomes Even More Unhinged On CSPAN (VIDEO)

He continues to tear down Cruz and conservatives, while further pandering to Bernie Sanders voters and the LGBTQxyz community? And what's with booing talk of Liberty and God, like Democrats? This is not the Republican Party that I've always voted for...

In the early days of the Republic, John Adams famously wrote, "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." The logic was clear. Without a firm grounding in Christianity and the morality that springs from Christianity, the US Constitution simply can't work. That common language has to exist in the electorate otherwise we descend rapidly into a society where we are governed by out base instincts not by our better angels. The Democrats fell here years ago, adopting sexual license and perversion and covetousness of the wealth accrued by others as planks of their party platform.

Now the GOP is there.

This is a party that is unmoored from the history of the nation and its own history and from common decency. This is a party that worships nothing but celebrity, wealth, and ephemeral power that is held not for the purpose of moving the nation forward but for merely the sake of holding power. This is a party that has decided it is tired of being the "stupid" party and it wants to be another "evil" party.

Until this party rids itself of Trump and his acolytes, I'm done with them.
Oh, and by the way, for the party operatives, devotees and assorted loudmouths or fearmongerers, give it a rest...

Heck, I remember the first Clinton administration well. Obviously, a lot of stuff happened that was not what I would have preferred politically, but the country soldiered on. Democrats acted like George W. Bush was evil incarnate, but the country lived through that as well. Obama's been a bad President too, but the country is still here. The country will survive Hillary Clinton. It will probably be worse off than it was before, but that's the choice Republicans made when they nominated Donald Trump. I don't like it, but I've been on the losing side of elections before and the next day the sun still rises in the East. Save your scaremongering for someone who can be convinced that these aren't the droids you're looking for.

This tactic rings especially hollow in this election, given that the Republican alternative is doubtless much scarier, in terms of the potential damage he can do to the country, the Republican party, and the world as a whole. Just this week, his rhetoric on Estonia caused us to again wonder exactly how cozy with Vladimir Putin he really is.

But even worse, as streiff just pointed out, Trump celebrated his nomination at the RNC with a bizarre, unhinged, homeless-person-pushing a cart rant that once again dredged up the facially insane conspiracy theories about Ted Cruz's father being involved in JFK's assassination. Again, this is not ideological disagreement territory, this is "Trump is mentally unhinged" territory. If Trump is willing to believe and publicly espouse crazy stuff that he reads in the National Enquirer, what might he do as President, with the command of the whole military at his fingertips? That's scary.
Folks, it is up to the nominee to unite the party, but all this nominee can do is further divide us, particularly in the targeting of conservatives and conservatism itself. I'm sorry, but again, I've got no interest in this degradation and fundamental transformation...

We’re in a bad place. We’ve been there before, but after 8 years of awful, we shouldn’t be actively seeking to drive a stake through our own hearts.

We are doomed to our left, destroyed to our right. Let’s pray enough people are willing to wake up from their apathy to actively fight to break the 2-party system this year.

We need a new conservative home, because all things conservative died last night, to the thunderous applause and approval of those who claim to fight for it.

Did they ever really know what conservatism is, in the first place?
The worst part is, no one is holding them accountable. The voices that have the ability to influence change have succumbed to a false god that promises "we will win". Trump has ushered in a new era where the focus is not ideas or character, but cheap shots and sound bites. The leaders have fallen in line and the image of conservatism will be forever scarred by the Era of Trump. It's going to take a big loss to shake conservatism up, and hopefully the next generation of leaders will have the integrity that the current leaders have tossed away.
So, there's my takeaway from this week's Trump Party rally. Sayonara, GOP.

Possibly a new beacon? If You Actually Care About Conservative Principles, Join Glenn Beck And I In Denver Aug. 12-14

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