Wednesday, July 20, 2016

This is where I am with the convention, the candidate and the RNC lot...

Besides the previous few posts, the following pieces sum up much of my thoughts about this disastrous circus of a convention, candidate and their lot:

...the Republicans had a chance to beat Hillary Clinton, but chose instead to commit suicide in Cleveland.
Back in March prediction: Face it, GOP: Nov. is lost
I have met my bridge too far and I know so many of my friends have too. I have to be sad for them that still they felt they must cross it because “not Clinton.” I remain not either. And their only consolation is that the other team, filled with fans who feel exactly the same way about their team captain, will be doing the same soon in Philadelphia.

Like so many Americans, Melania believed that the Trump Campaign would never let her down. She trusted her husband when he promised only “the best people” would work on her historical debut. But, just as millions of Americans will soon learn, it was all a farce.

Yes, you just got Rick rolled, America!

If insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results, the Republicans have taken it to a whole new level with this platform. The GOP is behaving like the alcoholic at the party who, after being slapped across the face and told they’ve had too much, doubles down and gets three more drinks.

A conservative platform means absolutely nothing if the party isn’t going to follow through on it, and judging by the agenda set by the newfangled Trump/RNC hybrid, that future isn’t looking too promising so far.

Religious headscratchers: You Won’t Believe Pastor Mark Burns’ Stunning Benediction At The RNC Convention (VIDEO)
Judeo-Christian Values Shelved On Night Two Of The Convention, As Muslim Leader Invokes Name Of Muhammed In Closing Prayer (Video)

Via Streiff:
I don't have any inside information on what Senator Ted Cruz is going to do when he gives his speech. My hope is that he can give a speech that will inspire a demoralized party that has been hijacked by the worst sort of political opportunists, remind people that we actually have smart people, people who are not cheats, liars, thieves, adulterers, and a sickly orange who have been elected to office, a speech that will not endorse the Cheeto abomination but encourage people to look forward to a re-centering in 2020.

But I don't know.

Party loyalty is a strong force and the pressure on Cruz to endorse Trump for the sake of beating Hillary has to be strong. But if he does, I hope he knows his political career is over.
This is it: Ted Cruz’s Big Night and Big Decision
Cruz’s Speech Tonight is HUGE…YUUUUGE!
There Is Zero Need For Ted Cruz to Endorse Donald Trump
Cruz's RNC speech might call for unity, but not in the way you think
  1. I’m Writing in Ted Cruz’s Name for President
  2. GOP, I’m Leaving You
Watching the Republican Party burn to the ground in November will likely be one of the saddest, yet, oddly satisfying events in my adult life.

Believe me when I say this isn’t easy. I’ve been a Republican since I was 18. I’ve never voted for any other party. Now it feels like my party cheated on me and reconciliation is out of the question. ...

I don’t know, but I know this: I cannot stay in a party that has betrayed every value and principle I hold dear at the altar of Trump.

I did not leave the party. The party left me.
I'm certain there will be more to add, but chew on these throughout the week...

ADDENDUM: Yep, here's more from Erickson's group...

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