Thursday, July 14, 2016

GOP: Gagged, bound and left for its own tiny hands!

This is pathetic.

While GOP delegates should be taking note of the Democrats achieving UNITY under a socialist banner, we're stuck with this?

In just a day, the degradation sets in. From snatching defeat from the jaws of victory yet again with another surrender...

This is embarrassing.

Instead of fighting for 2016, some of the delegates apparently led by Ken Cuccinelli are moving the goalposts to 2020 and trying to cut a deal for rules for that fight.

They are working under the assumption that they do not have 28 votes, but they need to fight this out.

The press and RNC are already laughing, claiming the anti-Trump effort has been defeated. But there are some quiet delegates in the Rules Committee who are willing to support the effort if it is put to the floor.

The delegates need to stop trying to negotiate their surrender and fight this out.

The deal is a farce. The fight should be fought.
I realize Ken Cuccinelli thinks he does not have 28 votes on the Rules Committee to unbind the delegates, but having him lead up negotiations to scuttle the unbinding is only going to hurt Ted Cruz.

It already looks to some activists like Cruz is doing this for self-preservation even though my understanding is that he has nothing to do with it. Cruz has enough enemies in the party and media that they will work in concert to claim Cooch was just operating on Cruz’s behalf.

Cuccinelli, you will recall, has been working for the Cruz campaign.

That’s insanity. I’m already seeing the tweets that this is just a plot to benefit Cruz in 2020.

The delegates need to stand and fight. They’re causing more harm by trying to negotiate their surrender. the shenanigans (or trainwreck rather) of a running mate announcement (it's Pence already!)...
HOLD THE PHONE!!! Trump sources say a VP pick has NOT BEEN MADE!!! Family DIVIDED…
ABC NEWS: Trump has officially made his VP choice…
REPORTS: Mike Pence Will Be Trump’s VP Nominee
BREAKING: Mike Pence is on a Private Plane to New York
BREAKING!! Trump says he’ll POSTPONE VP announcement because of terror attack!!
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Paranoid Trump camp says it’ll REWRITE Ted Cruz’s convention SPEECH if they don’t like it!! this just in as I'm compiling...

Well. The Republic might have had a final nail tapped into its coffin tonight.

That was earlier – and they had the vote just now:

So, as Jason Taylor observes, it appears that while Trump goes nuclear, the RNC is telling conservatives, 'Get out and stay out!'
What we are witnessing is the takeover of a Center Right Party, the Republican Party, by the Far Right. During the primaries, the Italian Fascist Matteo Salvini flew to Philadelphia to meet with Trump. Trump endorsed Salvini and Salvini endorsed Trump. A Republican endorsing an Italian Fascist who likes Mussolini? Why would they ever do anything that foolish? Trump has been posting quotations from White Supremacist web sites. The Anti-Defamation League is right to worry. ...

Donald Trump will be the 2016 Republican nominee for President of the United States like it or not. He will get a bump in the polls after the convention, they all do. Then comes the hard part. Running against the Clinton/Obama machine and the opposition research they have been compiling for 9 months and with 45+ years of backroom shady deals under Trump’s belt nothing will be left untouched.

The worst is yet to come, and for the GOP rank ’n’ file things will get worse, much worse with Trump. The ominous electoral math problem any GOP nominee would face in 2016 has now darkened more. The party has now sacrificed all hope and ability to attract minority voters, and along with the democratic excesses, will give rise to an alternative party movement that could doom the GOP forever. But more importantly, this miscalculation could doom the conservative movement for a generation.
And what's worse, many within the GOP electorate helped do this to themselves.
“Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” ~ Benjamin Franklin
Good night, America.

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