Tuesday, July 12, 2016

#FreeTheDelegates at full throttle!

Are #FreeTheDelegates making progress leading into the Republican convention? My hesitance towards optimism these days gives me pause to outright celebrate, but this certainly sounds promising...
TheResurgent: This is big news. Virginia has a law that delegates to the party conventions are bound to cast their votes for the winner. Beau Correll, a Virginia delegate opposed to Trump, sued and just got his victory. The court ruled delegates cannot be compelled by state law to cast a vote in a particular way.
ConservativeReview further asks, 'Is this case a full victory for the #FreeTheDelegates movement, or is it a narrow victory that just applies to the Commonwealth of Virginia?':
Correll sees it as a victory and blow against Donald Trump. In an emailed statement, Correll said, ““Delegates are free to vote their conscience and no amount of intimidation by the Trump campaign or meddling by Democrats in the Republican process will change that fact. Requiring delegates to vote for any candidate is unconstitutional and today’s announcement is a blow to Trump’s efforts.”

Payne was clear that the rules of the Republican Party both at the national and state level are what should be followed. What he ruled against was that Virginia law governing free association. This undercuts Donald Trump’s claim that delegates are required “by law to vote for him.”

The #DelegatesUnbound movement has stated that the Republican Party rules already have a conscience clause in them. It has argued that this case means that all delegates are free to vote their conscience without fear of criminal ramifications. While the case was based just on Virginia law, #DelegatesUnbound believes that 20 similar state laws that require binding based on primary results are also unconstitutional. The movement contends that all delegates are now unbound.

AJ Spker, the former Chairman of the Iowa Republican Party and co-founder of the organization known as “Delegates Unbound”told Conservative Revew that, “today Judge Payne vindicated the right of all delegates to vote their conscience without the threat of government coercion. This is consistent with both the First Amendment and the Republican Party's longstanding rules forbidding the binding of delegates.”
You heard that right: longstanding rules forbidding the binding of delegates. Here are the facts about efforts to bind delegates' votes: they haven't stuck!
TheHill: Republican delegates to the national convention have always been unbound by national party rules, with the single exception. The issue was decisively settled in 1876 when delegates voted 395 to 353 to uphold past rulings stating that delegates could not be bound to vote against their conscience. Following the vote, the chairman of the convention summarized the party’s position by saying “It is the right of every individual member thereof to vote his individual sentiments.” ...

In short, the history of the Republican National Convention proves that delegates have always, with the exception of 1976, been free to vote their conscience, and the rule that has protected this right over the last 136 years remains part of the temporary rules of the 2016 convention. The U.S. Supreme Court’s rulings on the issue also make clear that delegates are free to ignore state laws purporting to bind them, and the one national party rule purporting to bind delegates expires at the start of the convention.

These facts make clear that all delegates are completely unbound and free to vote their conscience on any and all matters that come before them, including the first ballot to decide the party’s nominee for president. No rule change is needed to unbind delegates, so long as the party stands by its 160-year history (aside from the blemish of 1976) protecting this important right. ...

Whomever emerges as the party’s nominee will be strengthened, not weakened, by demonstrating that they won the Republican nomination based not on coercion and intimidation, but instead on delegates freely and honestly concluding they should be the nominee.
FYI, that '76 blemish was a Ford imposed rule that helped him defeat Reagan, but was eliminated at the 1980 convention, "and the rule reverted back to essentially the same language as the rule first adopted at the 1880 convention. The rule remains largely identical today." Granted, the illegitimate gamble paid off for Ford, so whose to say Trump and the GOP elite won't pull the same? Also, have to factor in all the talk of coercion and threat...but many have become fed up with it, and rightly so...

TheResurgent: This is RNC Committeeman Holland Redfield who, behind closed doors at an RNC meeting, makes it very clear that the party is being terrorized by Donald Trump’s supporters and Trump himself is hijacking the party.

He is being very frank and very honest and he is telling the truth. Trump will destroy the GOP. We need more delegates to speak up and tell the truth.
I'm wondering if these delegates might be biding their time to get on the convention floor to vote their conscience, bypassing any engagements with trumpertantrums perhaps?

Despite the information above that points to the delegates already being unbound, it seems that there's still an effort to make it official and completely understood...
TheDailyWire: Over the weekend, The Daily Wire had the opportunity to speak with Kendal Unruh, a member of the Colorado Republican delegation to the Republican National Convention. Unruh is also a member of the Rules Committee at the RNC, and a leading advocate for a vote that would unbind the delegates from the candidates to which their state primaries are pledged.

Unruh explained that “28 committee members are required to pass a minority report, which then goes to the convention floor for all delegates to vote on. It then requires a simple majority to pass.” She added that she does “have the 28 votes required for the minority report,” continuing, “Not everyone who is with us is willing to be public yet, due in part to the threats being made by Trump’s campaign and the RNC itself.”
There's that mention of threats again. Nonetheless, BOOM! Looks like the movement to #FreeTheDelegates is at full throttle...
RedState: We stand at the edge of a precipice, looking over the edge, seeing what the fall would look like.

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the two founders of #FreeTheDelegates, Regina Thomson. Regina was in good spirits, the news keeps getting better for the movement, the odds have now shifted significantly, and she was nearly triumphant in her feelings.

She gave an amazing statistic which made the statistician in me gasp. Seventy Percent of all Delegates reached do not want to vote for Trump. Further she said they have contacted more than half of the delegates that will attend the convention. When asked if she knew that this meant the odds are likely that more than sixty percent are against Trump if this number even mostly holds true she said "Yes, and we are excited about it".

Time to pick a worthy statesman. Preferably articulate. Preferably principled and conservative. Preferably Texan.

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