Thursday, July 28, 2016

Effective Kool-Aid: #DNCinPHL concludes with PUNCH

"The GOP had a real opportunity to win in 2016. ... The GOP had the chance to lift the American spirit against a woman with 60% disapproval. Instead, they chose a man even less liked that her. I hate 2016." ~ Erick Erickson
If there's one thing the Democratic Progressive-Socialist convention has taught us this week, particularly in comparison to last week's Republi-something one, it's this: If people are gullible enough to elect Trump as a Republican, then equal gullibility (and culpability) exists within those who'd soak up this week's gauntlet of speeches as authentic, on top of electing Hillary as their next president...

The Monday into early Tuesday disarray...

...has shifted rather quickly. Actually starting with Michelle's speech Tuesday night, Dems methodically initiated effective punch, counter-PUNCH, both Tuesday evening with B.J....

The party of family values has just nominated a man on his third wife with numerous affairs and they are pitting him against a woman whose husband routinely cheated on her, but they kept their marriage together. Republicans are prone to cast aspersions on the Clinton marriage. “They did it for power” or “she stuck to him for her own benefit” are the most common ones. But in a day and age where marriages crumble and kids wind up spread all over between parents and step parents, the Clintons kept their marriage together. Judge not. They swore a holy vow and, though Bill broke the fidelity part, they have kept the bonds of marriage between them that Trump has so easily cast off.

That was a good speech. Bill Clinton is still the guy you want to have a beer with. He paraded through a tour of states on what Hillary had done for the little guy. He talked about their marriage. He completely skipped 1998. But he came to rehabilitate Hillary’s image in the eyes of the American people and I suspect the old charmer charmed a good number of people.

...and the following Wednesday evening with B.O....

The President gave a speech that was multiple things. It was an ode to American progressivism and defense of his record. It was the Republican response to Donald Trump. It was a flat sounding campaign for Hillary Clinton. The progressivism was nauseating. I cannot blame the President for ignoring the low economic growth rate during his administration. His values are not my values.

But I appreciate his denunciation of Donald Trump. He was accurate. The Republican Party is supposed to be the party of the individual that believes in the American people. It is now the party of Trump that believes only by electing Donald Trump can we make America great again. The party of Reagan that put faith in the people now puts faith in an orange braying jackass who is all talk and bankruptcies.

Effective doesn't make it right, but remember, I first mentioned gullibility...and there's a lot of it going around...

Look, like it or not, all Hillary has to do is keep Obama’s coalition from 2012. But she’s also starting to steal college educated white voters. They went for Romney in 2012. Obama’s speech might be particularly effective toward them.

... The Democrats are going to try to make a play at the middle now. They won’t get those who are strongly pro-life. But the moderate suburbanites who don’t go to church on Sunday, but vote Republican because of taxes may just decide Clinton is the safer bet.
So what's Trump doing to counter any of this throughout the week as the attack Cruz antics subside? Uhum...

Are these as troubling as Hillary & Co.? Remember the effective and gullible factors already mentioned...

Oh, and all 'part of the plan', though, ya see...?

Actually, sadly, it seems more like this to me...

We are now at the final day of the two major party conventions, and what we have witnessed so far has professional unbiased political analysts baffled, and partisan political operatives of the left elated. The GOP used it’s convention to scoff at, badger and belittle it’s base. After failing to consolidate the ground troops, Team R made an overt attempt to lure the base, not the fringe mind you, the base of the Democratic Party. The Commissar of Crazy directly appealed to the Socialist wing of the Democratic Party, further alienating his party’s own base and alarming the right of center moderates that are so crucial to carry in order to win. After jarring the members of his own party he then went full collaborator with his call for Russian intervention in our electoral process and probably pushed the last couple of undecided independent percentage points out of play.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party, deftly let their base air their grievances, and handed them the scalp of the party chairwoman as a sincere gesture of reconciliation before the first prime time speaker hit the stage. They devoted night one to the base with all the speaking slots, and they brought it all home to mama. The next two nights sounded like a victory chant for the moderate wing of the Republican Party and featured a Ronald Reagan impersonation that dropped the jaws of many moderates. If Secretary Clinton presents herself as a serious person, in a subdued and solemn manner tonight, the Team D grocery getter wagon may just pull away from the pack and glide to Pennsylvania Avenue on cruise control.

My party has capitulated and I’m not sure It will survive. When this is over, please send a search and recovery party to locate the buzzard picked GOP carcass somewhere on the side of I-95 way south and short of Washington D.C.

And conclusion:

One final clarification from Erickson: Conservatives cannot support her.
A lot of my friends who hate Trump are toying with the idea of supporting Hillary Clinton. ...

People want to pick a candidate. Americans want to vote for President. But sometimes it is far better to be a conscientious objector.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both thoroughly awful candidates. No amount of Wayne Grudem rationalization can convince me supporting Trump is the moral thing to do. But supporting Hillary Clinton is not a moral or conservative alternative.

Her speech may have played to centrist or center-right sensibilities last night, but her laundry list of programs was thoroughly leftist.

You might as well just recognize that as a nation and as a conservative movement we have been sold out and are screwed for the next four years.
Accompanying: Don’t Patronize Me

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