Thursday, July 7, 2016

Cruz will speak at convention...will Delegates deliver?

First the rumor was out there in the media, then the camps dispelled it, then more whispers, arm-twistings, invitations, and finally we get here. Where's here? Well, here's what's happened over the past 24 hours:

Cruz allies press Trump to hand over convention speaking spot
Delegates are gathering signatures to officially submit Cruz's name for the nomination, which would put him on track to the stage.
REPORT: Delegates collecting signatures to get Cruz on NOMINATION list at convention
It looks like Ted Cruz could end up speaking at the convention after all, even if Trump doesn’t want him on stage.

And there's MORE going on with the delegates!

Backing of 28 Rules Committee members would allow a full vote on unbinding delegates.

UH OH! Meanwhile, another one occurred...

UH OH: Trump’s UNITY meeting with Senate Republicans did NOT go well at all
Well can’t say that I’m shocked that a Trump unity meeting went this way. After all, Trump hasn’t tried that hard to woo anyone but Bernie supporters. And if he’s just going to demand allegiance and loyalty, then he might as well give that up because there’s nothing about him makes any of us want to give him anything close to that.
Peacemaking Goes Awry as Donald Trump Lashes Out at G.O.P. Senators

Now at this point, Cruzers might be inclined to tell Ted to "Stay Away. Far Away." Understandable advice. But this potential #FreeTheDelegates coup has forced Trump and the RNC to reconsider a shutout, and now...

Cruz said the meeting was not about any endorsement, it was only about the invitation to speak at the convention. Wow.
The pisser of this would of course be Cruz endorsing Chump at the convention when so many delegates are ready to #DumpTrump...or even other ruminations. But could a potential delegate coup really force them to open the floor to Cruz? You bet, and they have. Erickson further reports:

I’ve spoken to several delegates on the Rules Committee and they all tell me the same thing. Based on their own conversations with each other, if it were a secret ballot Trump would absolutely not be the GOP nominee. In fact, I can report that several of the delegates tell me that there are now private assurances from 27 members of the Rules Committee that they will publicly support a measure to allow the delegates to vote their conscience. They need one more for a minority report to make it to the floor.

But, the Trump campaign and the RNC are not taking this lightly. Several delegates tell me they are not just getting pressure from the Trump campaign directly, but from the RNC as well. One says he feels bullied by the RNC. One delegate I talked to said she was directly told if she did not support Trump that she would be blackballed from future leadership in the party. The pressure is intense.

There seems to be a real consensus that the delegates understand Trump is going to lose in November, but the only real leadership right now is to pressure the delegates into jumping off the cliff with Trump. An Alabama delegate I talked to said he felt like someone does need to step forward and suggest an alternate ticket. Doing that would solidify opposition to Trump even under such intense pressure.

Unfortunately, no one seems to be forthcoming with such leadership. Again though, the delegates on the Rules Committee opposed to Trump appear to be blowing off the threats and bullying from both Trump and the RNC. They recognize the disaster that would be Trump’s nomination.
And it doesn't take Trump'd up reports to see the bleak writing on the wall...

FOX NEWS: Electoral map shows Hillary beating Trump

It takes 270 electoral votes to win, and Hillary already has 227.

Trump begs Republicans to tell media they had a GREAT ‘UNBELIEVABLE’ meeting even if they had doubts
Trump to House Republicans: ‘Say great things . . . We love Trump.’
Just the fact that this embarrassing detail leaked shows that they’re not completely behind the toupee’d totalitarian, and gives us a glimpse of just how much he cares about image over substance. Great job, voters!!

If only we had an articulate, principled, conservative uniter of constitutional caliber, who encouraged Americans to stand up for the preservation of their liberties over the irrational blind allegiance to demagoguery...oh, wait...


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