Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Who denounces the idea of American Exceptionalism?

Remember Obama's view of American Exceptionalism?

TheResurgent: In April of last year, Barack Obama spoke at a gathering of leftwing activists and was asked, “Define American exceptionalism. Does American exceptionalism still exist? And what do we do to grow American exceptionalism?”

As we all suspected, Obama loathes the term “American exceptionalism.” In fact, he said specifically,
"I don’t want to say, “We’re exceptional. we’re more exceptional.” Because essentially we’re saying we’re more outstanding than you."
It was a rather rambling answer where he concluded, “Let’s not rub it in. But I never liked that term.”

You can see the video for yourself right here. Just note that it is not actually Barack Obama who said these things. It was Donald Trump.

Oh, so now you agree, huh?

Sounds much the same...sigh.

Sadly, along with too much of the populace, both of these egomaniacs misplace the classical term -- referencing our unique lot among the nations of the world in both our struggle & founding as a free nation based on democratic ideals and personal liberty and our framing as a republic based on a constitutional rule of law -- for a more modern, negative connotation of material and attitudinal prosperity.

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