Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How? Why? Our current trajectory (YUGE missed opportunity)

While some are confused...
Yesterday: Paul Ryan: Trump’s comments were racist and indefensible
Today? Paul Ryan tells Republicans: It’s time to UNITE behind Donald Trump

...the list of those NOT on board with Trump grows:
Ronald Reagan’s SON says he would NOT have supported TRUMP!!!
WOW! Trump’s own lawyer DISAGREES with Trump about Judge Curiel
Amanda Carpenter says it’s time to EJECT, that delegates should REFUSE to nominate Trump
Ted Cruz: I’m still ‘assessing’ whether or not to vote for Trump
SORRY DONALD!! Trump’s FIRST congressional endorsement TROUNCED in primary!!
UH OH: Scott Walker now BACKING AWAY from pledge to support Republican nominee
GOP tool Hugh Hewitt TURNS on his BFF Trump, DEMANDS GOP tell him QUIT campaign!!
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So, how did we get to this point? Why, Trump? One, the MEDIA...

CNN WOULD have covered Dem civil war, but TRUMP pushed it out of the headlines – Jake Tapper
CNN panel DEVOLVES into YELLING match over Trump’s racism!!
(painful to see Lord in this position, but that's the price of Trumpism over intellect)

But on equal footing with them is the feckless, yet arrogant GOP leadership, leading us nowhere, while managing to piss off the electorate to the point of hopping aboard the misguided populist Trump train!

Not our fault! Mitch McConnell to Newsmax: It's 'Nonsense' Boehner and I Are Responsible for Trump's Rise
Blame others: McConnell: Talk radio responsible for misleading GOP base
On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, According to Sen. Mitch McConnell all you need is a president to sign something into law or veto a bill. As conservatives we won’t have a shot until he is ousted in the next Kentucky Senate election.

Get it? You, the voter, don't know $#*T! It's up to these elites to collude (and succumb) to the D.C. masterminds, not for your sake, but because they know better or something.

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Now, there's still something to say in regards to the fact that though we have our major party presumptive nominees, the majority of Americans are nonetheless still searching...

Right now Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are going nowhere. Rasmussen Reports’ regular polling shows them both hovering around 40% support where they’ve been for weeks.
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Momentum Builds to Stop Trump at Convention
Talk grows of replacing Trump at GOP convention

But as we know all too well, Democrats always coalesce. So what's the current trajectory? 

Here's a couple of final observations...
On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show... Donald Trump has done damage to himself and so have his surrogates and advisors. If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, we can thank the Trump surrogates for her victory. ... Hillary Clinton should be indicted over her email scandal. Unfortunately, the Department of Justice is obstructing justice and is in full cover up mode for her. We have a women running for president who is in violation of the Espionage Act and the Federal Records Act. If somehow Hillary is cleared of this scandal, she will use the investigation as a political weapon to gather sympathy.

But she won't.

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State Dept BLOCKS release of Hillary TPP emails until AFTER the election

So with Trump being his own worst enemy & Hillary breaking her glass ceiling for another historic first... tell me how this is sizing up?

Looks to me like a frustratingly YUGE missed opportunity.


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