Monday, June 6, 2016

Facepalm: Maybe America really deserves this...

It's amazing how many people I know have poo-poo'd the previous principled gentlemen (just as they've done with Cruz), in favor of the 'nasty' & crass One. So, this is who the Republican electorate really wants? I think that says more about the bankruptcy of the people than it does of the party. Makes one wonder if 'Murica deserves it?

(Note: This isn't even a week's worth of the most recent facepalm moments!)

6/2: Trump hits back at PGA's move away from his Miami golf course to Mexico...

"The PGA Tour is moving from Donald Trump’s South Florida golf course to Mexico. Trump is now promising that this type of stuff is going to stop if he is President. The PGA is a private entity and they are free to go wherever they want. What other private enterprises will Trump try to stop if he is elected?" ~ Mark Levin

6/3: Donald Trump points to black supporter: "Look at my African American over here!"...

Man, somedays I just can’t believe Trump is a serious candidate. But apparently this is why so many people love him, because he doesn’t talk like a politician or something. Well I’m sure Hillary will have a field day over this one, because he’s clearly not talking like a politician here ... After Trump’s racist-tinged attack on the Federal Judge yesterday, now he says ‘look at my African-American over here’. ~ TheRightScoop

A poll in March showed the presumptive Republican nominee had an 86 percent unfavorability rating among black voters. ~ FreeBeacon
Related link: There’s a YUGE problem with the photo of a black family of supporters that Trump tweeted…

6/3: Trump doubles down on Trump U judges ethnicity with Jake Tapper

"That is just amazing. He can’t complete a sentence and just keeps falling back on his polling and irrational claims about Latinos loving him. But if Latinos love him so much, then why is he saying they can’t be fair to him in the courtroom?" ~ SooperMexican
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Completely UNACCEPTABLE! – Newt Gingrich BASHES Trump for comments against Judge’s ethnicity
Trump is NOT HAPPY that Newt Gingrich criticized his remarks on Trump U judge

6/5: Sunday's Face the Nation interview:
What if it were a Muslim judge?
Repopening Trump U?
ISIS and our generals?
Gaddafi and Libya?

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Trump FLIP FLOPS on Libya intervention within 24 hours - "The only thing dumber than Trump are the followers who defend his idiocy and pretend like he’s brilliant and consistent on his policies."

Seems like old boss same as the new boss...and drones alike, unfortunately. But then there's been much talk of the dumbing down of America, and I've specifically made mention of Idiocracy more than a few times. This is what happens when anger rises above reason and principle. We've experienced it on the Left, and now it's happening on the Right...
"What has developed in this election is not a conservative coalition but a coalition, on the Republican side, of big government advocates. Ever since Ronald Reagan, the Republican Party have abandoned conservatism and the Republican establishment, for now, has succeeded in defeating the conservative movement. They’ve become a party of progressive Republican protectionists. But progressivism cannot create nirvana on earth. Constitutional conservatives must articulate that liberty, not progressivism, is the best course to opportunity and happiness." ~ Mark Levin
ABC just unearthed OLD Trump interview: “Putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing”
Everyone’s mocking Trump’s clueless tweets about Muhammed Ali…
What Good Does It Profit a Party…
30 ways Trump is committing political suicide
Trump Is Exactly What We Thought He Was

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