Thursday, June 2, 2016

Time for a French revolution? (UPDATE: CANCELLED!)

"I don’t know whether he will decide to run or not. I do know that he is one of the finest people I have ever known. If patriotism and personal integrity were all it took to win the presidency, David would win in a landslide." ~ Rich Lowry
Perhaps, perhaps not. But it appears that Kristol's pick is finally out of the bag and the media banter has begun...
TRS: Tonight on Megyn Kelly’s show, Jonah Goldberg affirmed that he [and Erick Erickson] had talked to David French and said that it does look like he’s leaning toward making an independent run for president.

In the full interview, they talk about how French is going to do that and the obstacles he’ll face in order to even get on the ballot:
(Apologies...the only video I could find of this exchange was from another former-conservative-turned-Trump-sycophant outlet!)

Erickson expanded on the discussion earlier in the evening:
TheResurgent: Erick opened today’s show with his thoughts on Bill Kristol’s choice of David French as the independent bid for President. “Here’s the deal, I was not apart of it. I know who David French is but I had never talked to him before until Monday night at 10 o’clock… As a National Review reporter I assumed David was calling to do a story on the ‘Never Trump’ thing” says Erickson. Erick later said, “If he got on the ballot in Georgia I would probably support him but my ultimate conclusion is it may be good if conservatives do not do a third party bid.”

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I'd respectfully contend with Erickson that if Trump doesn't win, Trumpsters, much like their master, will blame anybody and everybody for the loss anyway! So only being June, I think we've still got a shot at selecting a conservative alternative. One is the Constitution Party's candidate, Darrell Castle, standing behind consistent constitutional conservative principles (see previous post). Perhaps another is David French.

by Ben Shapiro

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UPDATE: French revolution CANCELLED!
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BREAKING!! DAVID FRENCH says he’s NOT running for President!!!

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