Thursday, May 5, 2016

Trump, conservative? LOL! Played for suckers...

Well, that hiatus was over sooner than expected! This is just too damn important, particularly for conservatives who haven't bent the knee to the egomaniac destined for the Republicrat nomination.

Come on, don't talk about this! You know, Make America Great Again or something. Oh, we're gonna talk about this...

Mere days after Trump clinches the presumptive spot, he's already leaning further left...

Levin discussed much of this shift tonight...
CR: Perhaps preparing for the general election, Trump has already started shifting to the left.

Mark Levin argued on his radio program Wednesday that Trump would have to prove to conservatives that he will fight for their ideas and principles. Yet it seems that Trump is taking the opposite approach.

Only two days have passed since Trump essentially clinched the Republican nomination and he has already started to cave on the minimum wage and his tax plan.

Levin explains why this is a big problem:

Within that latter half, Levin references this Allahpundit post nearly in its entirety:
Imagine how embarrassing this would be if the GOP were still a conservative party instead of an independent center-left nationalist program under the Republican label.

“Given more than twice as much” is a kind way of putting it, actually. According to the Washington Examiner, fully 85 percent of this guy’s contributions has gone blue. Alternate headline: “Democrat appoints Democrat to top campaign position.”

Good news: Trump’s new finance chair has given more than twice as much to Democrats, worked for George Soros
Ben Shapiro also reviewed 4 of these signs from the last 24 hours that show how Trump suckered conservatives (or rather, a Republican-voting electorate...don't think I'd use the word conservative anymore)...
DailyWire: So, you’re suckers.

Yes, you conservatives who keep waiting for Donald Trump to turn into Ronald Reagan, who hope to unify behind him thinking that he’ll surround himself with good people and that they will guide him to all the best decisions. Yes, you conservatives who bought into the Trumpian nonsense that he would blow up the system and change things in politics. In the last 24 hours Trump has indeed pivoted – directly against all of his supposedly conservative positions. Here are four examples:

Trump Embraces A Higher Minimum Wage. Remember when Trump said early in the campaign that Americans were being paid too much, and that their wages were uncompetitive? Back in November, he said, “Our taxes are too high, our wages are too high, everything is too high. What’s going to happen is now people are going to start firing people.” Now he’s telling the media that he would consider a higher minimum wage. “I’m looking at that,” he told CNN, “I’m very different from most Republicans. You have to have something you can live on. But what I’m really looking to do is get people great jobs so they make much more money than that, much more money than the $15.”

Trump Won’t Be Self-Funding. Remember that time Trump said he’d self-fund, unlike his rivals? Even as donors signal that they won’t be opening their pocketbooks for Trump, Trump announced that he won’t self-fund his campaign. “I’ll be putting up money,” he said, “but won’t be completely self-funding.” Instead, Trump said he would build a “world-class finance organization.” So all that talk about how people who take donations are being bribed to shill for donors – yeah, all that was patented Trump garbage.

Trump Hires A Former Goldman Sachs Fundraiser Who Managed Money For George Soros. Remember that time Donald Trump suggested that Ted Cruz was in the pocket of Goldman Sachs (“I know the guys at Goldman Sachs, they have total, total control over him”)? Remember Snaggletooth The Trumper™ who told Ted Cruz that Cruz should be wearing his “Goldman jacket”? Now Trump has hired Steve Mnuchin, chairman and CEO of Dune Capital Management LP and former Goldman Sachs partner, to head up his fundraising team. Mnuchin also worked at Soros Fund Management LLC. Yes, that Soros. George Soros. Mnuchin also donated thousands of dollars to Hillary Clinton, among other Democrats; since 1998, he’s donated twice as much money to Democrats as Republicans.

Trump Bashes His Own Tax Plan. Remember that tax plan Trump touted as supremely conservative? Yeah, that’s out the window now. Today, asked on CNBC how he could propose tax breaks for high earners, Trump simply dumped his plan. “I am not necessarily a huge fan of that,” said Trump. “I am so much more into the middle class who have just been absolutely forgotten in our country.” Instead, said Trump, his tax plan was merely a starting point for negotiations – just like his position on amnesty. “You know, when you put out a tax plan,” said Trump, “you are going to start negotiating. You don’t say, ‘OK, this is our tax plan, lots of luck, folks.’ There will be negotiation back and forth. And I can see that going up, to be honest with you.”

So this is the new general election Trump. He looks just as dishonest and scheming as the old Trump, just with a fresh leftist taste sure to please the most ardent Bernie Sanders supporters. Conservative Trump voters – this is your Great Hope.

So as Daniel Horowitz so poetically said, "Don’t throw your panties at Trump quite yet."
"How do conservatives expect to secure a single commitment from the man who knows not what the word commitment means if they begin obsequiously working the stage for “Mr. Trump” without batting an eye lash?"

"The notion that Trump’s success will change the trajectory, even if you believe in Trump’s newfound positions on some issues like immigration, is nothing short of a fantasy."
In other words, don't fall for the mindless drone peer pressure, “Shut up, get in line. What do you want? Are you going to allow the Democrat to win and the world will come crashing down? Huh? Huh?” Likewise, don't fear or dread the alternatives. Yes, there are alternatives. And we'll discuss some of those soon enough...

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ADDENDUM: via Levin...
On Friday’s Mark Levin show, Donald Trump’s cult of personality is not enough to persuade conservatives to vote for him. Trump promotes Richard Nixon’s domestic policies and George McGovern’s foreign policy. What’s conservative about that? Trump isn’t owed the full support of the Republican Party because he only got 42% of the Republican vote. If he wants the other 58%, he needs to earn it. And he can earn it by telling conservatives how he will fight for them. He is one of the weakest nominees in the history of the Republican Party. Browbeating conservatives into supporting him is not going to work. Conservatives don’t want to hear Donald Trump catering to liberals, they want to hear him talk about private property rights, support the Constitution, and support Reagan economic policies.
But honestly, Mark, even if he talked the talk tomorrow, he's incapable of walking the walk, because he's simply not a conservative and never has been.

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