Monday, May 2, 2016

Indiana, this really the idiocy Republicans have dealt themselves?

Folks, folks...sigh.

After two terms of Bush advancing a Big Government 'compassionate' Republican establishment, followed by two terms of Obama's soft tyranny (Democratic socialism in tow throughout that paltry party) with some of those same Republicans granting the 'first black president' whatever he wants, in both Keynesian economic budget busting and Marxist social re-engineering, this is the idiocy we're being dealt? And far too many swallowing.

Whether with a duped Republican electorate (I use 'Republican' loosely, as you'll recognize the non-conservative stance from the rantings and ravings of the stupid)...
"Sir, with all respect, Donald Trump is deceiving you. He is playing you for a chump."

...or the ratings-whores in the media, who've masterfully manipulated the primary process, participants and voters alike yet again...

TRS: How many times does the cheeto-faced idiot say Cruz is lying, and NOT ONCE does he explain what he’s lying about?!?! Is he lying about Mike Tyson being a rapist? NO. Is he lying about his endorsement? NO. Is he lying about Trump approving of his endorsement? NO. And yet Chris Wallace just sits on his ass and lets him spurt out whatever he wants. It’s just amazing.

Now, compare this interview, where Trump can say whatever lie he wants, over and over and over again, with Chuck Todd’s interview with Ted Cruz, where he demands he answer an irrelevant question over and over and over again.

...the unvetted guy who helped fund all the madness on both sides of the aisle is who they want? HOW?

Already, the media have deemed Indiana the anti-Trump Republicans’ Last Stand, and it shows on the Trump SuperPAC formerly known as FoxNews... 

Hell, even Obama sees how the media is helping Trump (@ 2:20 mark)...

Just shows how the media is completely in the tank for Hillary, by helping this disaster Donald Trump get on the GOP ticket.
And Trump CANNOT win the general as unpopular as he is with WOMEN...

Great, so appealing to the modern neanderthal!

That moron in the first video was yelling about math, here's a real simple one for him: 

Trump nomination = Hillary elected!

Not to mention a taste of the general election to come for senators and representatives alike, if Trump is the nominee...

I've said it before, the result of this mass brainwash will result in not simply losing the presidency, but likely the whole enchilada, including the Court.

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So, CONSERVATIVES (most immediately in Indiana): Speak now or forever hold your peace!
Many of us assumed our fellow Americans would see the light regarding Trump. It was just a matter of time. But now the time is growing short. The wedding march is about to start.

Dear Indiana voter, it doesn’t matter if you’ve gone ‘all in’ for Trump. He is a toxic candidate and deep down, you know it. Don’t let emotion cloud your judgement. If you’re still thinking of walking down that aisle, turn back now. ...

If we choose to enter into a political covenant with Trump now, I’m not sure how long it would take to recover or for conservatism to ever thrive again.
The same must be asked throughout the nation, lest we devolve to complete idiocracy.

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