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There's simply no intellectual case for the clueless Don over #LIONTed

Over the past week or more, I've attempted to steer clear of the circus that is the Trump campaign, along with its media sideshow in tow. Instead, I've opted for a more optimistic avenue of the substantive Cruz momentum that's building. Nonetheless, leading up to, during and following Wisconsin's Cruz victory this week, I've invariably encountered a variety of intriguing articles that attempt to decipher just what constitutional conservatives are up against with the progressive populism of the Trump cult, as well as how we move beyond this bizarre phenomenon of the angry, anti-intellect-and-reason movement that's run rampant within this Republican primary.

It's become more apparent over the past few weeks that what women want is NOT Trump, but they're far from alone throughout the realm of demographic politics. Yet, the master seducer has continued to snare followers in his web. It's mind-boggling, because there is simply no intellectual case for Donald Trump over Ted Cruz...
NR: We have long since passed the twilight-zone stage of the race for the GOP nomination. In one corner is Ted Cruz, arguably one of the smartest men in Washington, a person with unquestioned anti-Establishment street cred, a man who helped block the infamous Gang of Eight’s misguided immigration reform, a constitutional scholar, and a person with intimate knowledge of the workings of every level of American government. In the other corner is a man so completely ignorant — so completely venal — that his best rhetorical tactic is to bury his countless gaffes in an avalanche of insults and lies.

Even if one skips over the monumentally important matters of law and policy and simply stampedes straight to the political horserace itself, there is no logical or reasonable argument for Trump over Cruz. ...

This is a race where a segment of the Right didn’t simply lose its mind, it decided that the mind doesn’t matter. Arguments about policy are greeted with accusations of arrogance. The pointing out of contradictions is cast as condescension. Indeed, the very act of arguing against Trumpism is seen as irrefutable proof of weakness, of “selling out,” and of fear. “Don’t tell me what to do,” shouts the Trump fan. But an argument isn’t a command — and shutting down debate is the last refuge of the desperate.

Let’s dispense with this pretense. The core “argument” for Trump is essentially the following. Step 1: Elect Trump. Step 2: ????? Step 3: America is great again. Given the contradictions and nonsense that issue routinely from the Trump campaign, no one can credibly claim they know what Trump will actually do in office. But his supporters are sure it will be awesome. Like Trump Tower is awesome. Like Trump resorts are awesome. Like Trump University is . . . oops.

By contrast, the case for Cruz is a case for the return of constitutional government. It’s not a case for utopia. But it is a case for substantial reform. There is nothing “business as usual” about Cruz’s campaign. Just ask the Left. Progressives will cast a Cruz nomination in near-apocalyptic terms — and not because he’s ignorant of law and policy, but because he knows exactly what he’s doing. Cruz is a threat to progressivism. Trump is its great ally.

The irony of this campaign is that angry GOP voters don’t even have to choose between conservatism and sending a message to the Establishment. Cruz can do both. But don’t tell that to a die-hard Trump supporter. He’ll just call you a snob.
I have to snicker at the writer's final sentence, because we know all to well (as I'm certain does he) that the name-calling is actually quite often worse!

Another piece by a well-known libertarian publication expands on the incredible cluelessness of Donald Trump, moving beyond the mere authenticity of the candidate himself, but that of his supporters and party operatives who'd take the plunge...
Reason: Over the past few weeks, Donald Trump has given a series of extended interviews with major news outlets, covering topics ranging from foreign policy to the economy to abortion. Those interviews have been intensely revealing. What they have shown is that Donald Trump has no idea what he is talking about on just about anything of relevance to a presidential candidate.

More than that, though, we’ve learned that Trump refuses to prepare, and will not learn even the most basic factoids, even when a topic is certain to arise during an interview. Instead, he will respond with deliberate provocations, with refusals to answer questions, by altering his "position" repeatedly, by changing the subject, and by ignoring or denying the facts of the subject at hand. He has demonstrated not only that he is a blithering know-nothing, but that he is determined to stay that way. ...

What these responses make clear is that Trump boasts a dangerous combination of self-certainty about issues he does not understand and an unwillingness to ever perform even the most cursory review of the issues he discusses. This is not new. It is a core part of his persona. ...

All of this is, of course, incredibly damning to Trump. But it also reflects poorly on his supporters, the third or so the party's primary voters who seem not to care that Trump is helplessly uninformed. The same goes for the Republican party politicians and leaders who continue to insist that the party will stand behind Trump if he is the nominee.

When Reince Priebus, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, says that "we are going to support the nominee of our party, whoever it is, 100 percent," what he reveals is that either he believes the party should support someone who has shown over and over again that he is manifestly unqualified to hold the office of president, or he does not believe that Trump’s total policy ignorance should be disqualifying. He is saying, essentially, that it’s okay, just so long as Trump is running as a Republican. He, and the rest of Trump’s backers in the party, are validating Trump and his campaign. Trump may be clueless about politics in many ways, but he knew enough to run under the banner of a party that would support him in his ignorance.
This further exacerbation of the long-running internecine struggle within a once vital opposition party -- once vital when under proper guidance (think Coolidge and Reagan eras) -- will assuredly fail to overcome the establishment within. Instead, it will reassemble and codify a new establishment, reshaping into something never intended and producing the opposite results by supplying the grueling death knell long feared.

Yet, all hope is not lost. We still have a LION in this race and we can win again...if we really want to...
WT: These are truly uncertain and unsettling times. To paraphrase the great prophet Bon Jovi, we are “Livin’ on a prayer.” A prayer for an antidote to GOP establishment hackery. A prayer for an antidote to Trump Cult. A prayer for an antidote to the drift into meaninglessness that is the conservative brand.

Because here’s our reality: We’ve been fated with the election of Hillary Clinton, the most damaged candidate Republicans could ever hope to face but are nonetheless certain to lose if we continue the poisonous political bender we are on. ...

About nine months after Trump warned us of what was to come with proud admissions about never seeking forgiveness and not liking people who have been captured, we now sit obsessing over arcane delegate math and Machiavellian notions of contested conventions as an 11th-hour rescue from the unprincipled bed the GOP made for itself.

Burning it down used to sound so good. Now that the pyre has been lit, though, the flames that we stare into is merely those of self-immolation. ...

Yet even more difficult to come by than that awakening is the realization the antidote for what ails us does not need to be invented out of thin air, or hunted down on some sort of long shot crusade. He’s right here, his name is Ted Cruz, and he’s been as good a conservative candidate as we could ever hope for in such mediocre times.

Many of us, though, haven’t liked that Cruz doesn’t seem to go down nice and easy like a Flintstones chewable vitamin. Instead, he seems like too big a pill to swallow for people who fancy themselves conservatives but not “that kind” of conservative.

Why doesn’t he get along better with people in Washington? Because they are treacherous. Why did he call Mitch McConnell a liar? Because he is. Why didn’t he get more accomplished in the Senate? Because he tried to actually stop Obama rather than surrender to him.

Knowing all that, the fact that Cruz’s political momentum isn’t already at Sharknado proportions of victorious certitude says far more about us than it does about him. ...

The GOP now stands to have every bit of Trump Cult’s stink attached to it, as many of the ghastly stereotypes the Left has tried to stick to the conservative movement over the years get an assist from Donald’s pied piper-through-the-trailer park routine. The very thing the party hacks compromised and triangulated to avoid – becoming a caricature — is what will consume them anyway. ...

I spell all this out to you not to depress you but to do the opposite. Short of Cruz still being in the ballgame, we most certainly would have cause to despair. But not only can Cruz still beat Trump and become the nominee, he may be the only Republican in a generation who has the skill and courage of conviction to communicate a conservative message in the midst of the carnage Trump is leaving in his wake.

Anyone else would be left spending the entire general election answering for the empty and stupid things Trump has said and done up until this point. But Cruz has proven over and over that he will not accept the premise of the question when the media tries to paint him into a corner. And to defeat Hillary Clinton come November will require such a capable man when all the progressive dogs of war are dusted off and sent out in search of blood.

So if you’re still hesitant to rally behind Cruz, close your eyes and imagine a national debate stage six months from now, with about 90 million voters watching. Imagine the most contentious policy questions, asked from the vantage point of the Left’s very flawed premises, and recall how many times in recent history the guy representing us on that stage was knee-capped by them.

Then imagine this time the person on the firing line is Cruz, who has been preparing his whole life for such a time as this. That these aren’t gotcha questions to a guy like Cruz, but he looks at them the way Bryce Harper looks at a hanging curveball. With the same anticipation a hungry predator has when it spots wounded prey.

And then imagine what January 2017 will look like when he’s sworn in as president.
Because afterall, returning to the land of intellect, Ted Cruz IS unequivocally the intelligent conservative choice...

CharlesCooper: You really have to shake your head in disbelief, when you see trumpidians furiously trying to tie Ted Cruz to any imagined conspiracy theory, while completely ignoring Trump on ........
*His misogynistic statements and actions on women
*His anger against Mexicans in calling them Rapists and Murderers
*His wanting to arrest women for having an abortion
*His inappropriate words and insults
*His judgment
*His temperament
*His hiring of foreign workers over American workers
*His wanting to pass out nukes like candy
*His 45% tariffs on China, effectively taxing everyone this amount
*His belief in Government (Universal) controlled healthcare
*His scam school ...... Trump University
*His wanting to pull back from NATO
*His wanting to stay neutral against our close ally, Israel
*His wanting to ban ALL Muslims from our Country
*His thinking that Government should be involved in healthcare,
education, and housing.
*His constant gaffes, and changing of positions on just about
everything he talks about.
*His lack of knowledge on foreign policy.
*His lack of knowledge on how Government works
*His very liberal views, that increase the size of Big Government
Ted Cruz is a Constitutional Scholar that graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard and Princeton, who simply believes in Limited Government, so that the People have the Freedom and Liberty to choose what's best for them and their families, without interference from Big Government. For those that understand the difference, there is no question that Ted Cruz is the right Man to lead this Country, and unlike Trump, is very sane, cogent, stable, and has a strong belief in God, Family, and Country.

#TedCruz #AlwaysTedCruz #OnlyTedCruz
For the love of those last three mentioned, God, Family and Country, #DumpTrump and #ChooseCruz, the people's LION of the Senate (#LIONTed!), the constitutional choice, and the man to defeat Hillary in November.

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